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14April 2014




Itis my privilege to endorse Mr. as your future studentin Virginia Polytechnic Institute to take up I.T. courses in Master’sDegree in Information Technology. Mr. _ was anundergraduate student in the Collegeof Management Academic Studies (COMAS) from 1998 – 2001 andtook the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Management and InformationSystems. While taking his bachelor’s degree, he has already shownexceptional leadership skills, which he was able to apply in hisfuture endeavors.

Accordingly,he worked for the federalgovernment in the U.S. in 2007 as an Information TechnologySpecialist and throughout his stay in the United States he hasconstantly made himself to hone various skills from his interactionswith other people. Moreover, his experience in the U.S. Navy earnedhimself a Navy-Marine Corps medal – proof of his great sense ofleadership and of his academic competencies. He can workindependently and is able to follow through to ensure that theresponsibilities are done in highest quality possible. He is flexibleenough and willing to work on any tasks that are assigned to him. Hisfull commitment and passion to perform his responsibilities on timemade him one of the many persons that I respected most.

Ihave been acquainted with Mr. __ since (date:___). He is a regular customer at Endodontic, DDS, MSDin Indianapolis, IN. I can tell from my firsthand experience with himthat he is extremely competent to be one of your forthcoming studentsin the Institute.

Ihope for your favorable consider in accepting Mr.___as one of your students in the future. If you have any furtherquestions with regard to his background or qualifications, please donot hesitate to contact me. I’mmore than willing to privide further information, if required. Thankyou.




Specialistin Endodontic, DDS, MSD Indianapolis, IN