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A Confederalist Speech

AConfederalist Speech

“Mr.Chairman, fellow House representatives, ladies and gentlemen, I wouldlike to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to all of you forlistening to me. I would like to take this chance to talk about thegreat subject regarding the importation of slavery. It is clear thatthe importation of slaves endangers human rights as well as theirprivileges. Consequently, it is very vital to have an effective lawthat protects human beings from slavery.

Personally,I strongly condemn and disagree with people who opt for free or cheaplabor in order to obtain production or wealth. One vital thing thatyou should understand is that importing people and holding themagainst their will infringes on their human rights. With referenceto this, I stand before this house to propose a bill that will seekto ban slavery in the United States. The passing of the law willimply that individuals will have the privilege to enjoy their humanrights whilst actions will be taken against those breaking it.Afterthe passing of the law, it will become illegal for any person toimport slaves into the United States from any region with theintention of holding, selling, or disposing them or holding them tolabor. This law will apply to all the citizens of the United Stateswho engage on the business of slave trade. Kindly allow me sir tomention that although most people are aware about this behavior, theytend to ignore its negative implications on the victims. As I finish,I would like to thank you for listening to me and it is my greatpleasure to have tackled this subject today. I believe thatindividuals should be completely educated regarding the dangers ofslavery.”