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A Day in the life of a City Manager


ADay in the life of a City Manager

ADay in the life of a City Manager

Whatare you going to tell the publisher?

Iwill handle the publisher in the similar manner as the public. Thereis no valid reason that the publisher should be provided with anyinformation upon request. His concerns are more related to thepublication of information on the newspaper. The new budget will needto undergo analysis prior to official submission and availability tothe public. Thus, I will inform the publisher about the ongoingendeavors to develop another budget. I will also notify the publisherthat all the detailed information needed will be available once thebudget is made public. Howare you going to approach the budget?

Accordingto Naff, Ricucci and Freyss (2013), administrations at all phaseshave faced budget restraints, which have appeared to be ratherunpredictable in some instances. Thus, long term forecasting is animportant first management strategy by minimizing the impacts ofbudget decline and uncertainty expenses (Naff, Ricucci &amp Freyss,2013). Forecasting comprises of making forecasts founded on theobserved past regularities. In approaching the budget, it isnecessary to contemplate the impacts arising from previous, currentand prospect budgetary decisions. It is necessary to reflect on theimpacts of external factors on the budget. Notably, the city haslimited funds. This means that any wastage or misappropriation ofavailable resources will negatively affect the effectiveness of thebudget (Klingner, Nalbaldian &amp Llorens, 2010). As a city manager,I have to ensure that all the funds can be accounted for, throughproper allocation of resources versus needs in the city. Properallocation in ensured by using prior and current audits lengthilywhen making a new budget. Audits are important because they clarifywhat areas require more funds, where funds can be reduced and providea plan when distributing funds to the different city sectors.

Iwill approach the budget reasonably with the city’s financialconsiderations in mind. A cost and benefit assessment is key in everybudget. The assessment involves weighing the costs of certain actionsagainst the benefits. When the benefits are higher than costsincurred, the financial decision is most suitable. Delphi methods areeffective methodologies used in budget related decision analysis. Itentails asking several people or groups for their viewpoint andweighting the feedback (Naff, Ricucci &amp Freyss, 2013). Afterweighing all viewpoints, a calculation can be acquired as to thepossible outcome of a prospect condition. Thus, I will employ theDelphi technique in the cost-benefit assessment. Cityville facesmonetary problems (Klingner, Nalbaldian &amp Llorens, 2010). Throughcost and benefit assessment, I will be able to allocate fundsappropriately and reduce the fiscal challenge. I will not forfeitmill levy or implement more cost cuts on law enforcement. I will alsoevaluate government programs to make sure that funds are usedappropriately.

Howare you going to deal with the chief of police?

Atthe organizational phase, planning entails management of theorganization’s assets (Naff, Ricucci &amp Freyss, 2013). I realizethat police officers are an important asset in the city. I willinform the chief of police about the relevance of police officers inthe city, and that outsourcing does not affect the policing area. Dueto the monetary problems in the city, the rates of crime may increaseas people steal from each other as a means of monetary gain. Theabsence of police officers in the city means that it will be unsafefor many civilians. Police officers need funds in aiding theirprovision of security in the city (Klingner, Nalbaldian &ampLlorens, 2010). When making cuts on government programs, I will notreduce police spending. Rather, I will make sure that together withthe chief of police, we work towards ensuring funds allocated to lawenactment are used appropriately. The chief of police should be ableto provide a plan on how funds will be distributed within the sector.Based on the plan, in case more funds are needed, I will prioritizelaw enforcement funds in my budgetary approach.

Howare you going to deal with the council?

Councilmembers work towards ensuring that they gratify the interests ofthose they represent. This brings to light the political relationshipbetween management and the council. As a city manager, I will ensurethat all the needs of the constituents, regardless of council membersare met. This means that, at times, I may collide with the interestsof council members. It is hard to deal with the council, because ofthe conflicting interests. Planning is necessary for ensuring that myinterests are acceptable to those of the council. Human resourceplanning puts into consideration an additional aspect of interaction,involving the thoughts and targets of the persons occupying the rolesbeing assessed (Starnes, 2013). The council occupies the role ofmeeting constituents’ interests. I will use strategy combination indealing with the council. This involves listening to all theinterests raised by the council, and together with the councilmembers combines the interests to a single workable approach. Thus,all members will have their interest represented and employed in citymanagement.


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