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Play Review

Thesubject of the comedy is “A doctor in Spite ofHimself,”it was directed by Arne Zaslsove at the HilberryTheatre atWayne State University. Itis amusing to learn that Sganarelle (Brandon Grantz) who posed as adoctor and he could only tell strangers who do not know him verywell in addition, his wife Martine who abandoned his returned backon learning that the husband is a learned doctor. Surely, doesprofession nurture marriage, or just that women despise unemployedmen, there is a lot to gather from the comedy. The genre ofliterature to which the comedy is based could be referred to asdrama, which is a theoretical staged performance. Comedy is part ofdrama it is written purposefully for amusement and it also has ahappy ending.

As stipulated in the comedy title “doctor” is a main character,and acted by Sganarelle.This character has the capacity to act-out his goals he intends to bethe head of the household. Besides, he believes that beating his wifeis likely to increase affection. So, he goes on and whips her. On theother hand, this character has the ability of creating a believablecharacter on the stage since he displays quick thinking and wit, whenhe is mistaken for a doctor. In addition, the character’s vocalability is depicted where the character uses garbled Latin,quotations from Cicero, and jumbled anatomical terms. Furthermore,this character has the ability to connect with the other characterson the stage since he is depicted to connect with Martine, Valère,and Lucas. The actor did a strong job, when he delivered an impromptudiagnosis concerning Lucinde’s problem. This was a strong job sincethe actor was not a doctor, but was capable of delivering animpromptu diagnosis. However, he did not quite make it by introducingLéandre as the pharmacist. This is because the actor knew he was notcapable of providing the right medicine.

Relationship between Two Acors

The two actors Lucinde and Horace (ScottWilding) had lukewarm relationship. Both of themwere intending to marry, but it seems that Geronte forcefullyinfluenced marriage between her daughter, Lucinde and Horace “therich suitor.” The two did not form an excellent bond of communionsince it was Geronte, who wanted her daughter to be married byHorace. The two actors were not listening and reacting to each other.At long last the ailing daughter turned down her father’s wishfulthoughts of having a hand in marriage with a rich man. However, theactors failed in meeting the challenge of developing a truerelationship on stage. This is indicated by Lucinde failing toaccept Horace for marriage.

Elements of Production and Design

Thecostume design fitted well with the actors. The costumes were funnyto look at due to their colorful patterns and exaggerated bodyshapes. Therefore, the costume design was suited to theoveremphasized humor of the story. Every character’s costume wasdesigned in such a way that it had unbelievable contrasts of color,fantastically done ruffles, and funny style. Prior to the first actoron stage speaking a word, the costume permitted the eyes of theaudience to directly focus on the actor. There were no distractionson the stage, which made the costumes encourage the audience todirectly and completely focus on actor on the stage. In fact, thecostume design added to the brilliance of the play. Color was animmense consideration in the play. Color was displayed in thecostumes that were used in the play. Instead of the commonly usedblack and white colors, the costumes used in the play were bright andcolorful. The floor color matched with that of the costumes, whichbrought rhythm on the stage. The shape element was also dominant inthe play as the costumes used in the play had different shapes. Infact, the costumes were usually oversized adding to the humor of theplay.

Theelements of design helped in creating the mood of the play. Throughusing bright and colorful costumes, there was a depiction of a happymood. This helped in setting the mood of the audience and waiting forthe play up to the end. Another strength of the elements of design isthat they helped in creating rhythm in the play. However, a weaknessof the design elements was that they had to be understood by theaudience in order for the audience to notice their importance.Nevertheless, the attempt was worth making since it helped in addingvalue and taste to the play.

of the Overall Production

Theoverall play was funny. From the elements of production, elements ofdesign and actors themselves, all these made the play to have humor.The overall production seemed to be well organized. This wasindicated by a lack of confusion of actors, while on stage. In fact,the actors were capable of interacting well on stage, which made theplay fun to watch.