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Advertisement analysis Woman`s Hair is Still Crowning Glory

Advertisementanalysis: Woman`s Hair is Still Crowning Glory

Theabove advertisement focuses on the concept of beauty among women. Itseeks to appeal to women to buy the advertised product which the adclaims to be extremely effective in making women`s hair attractive.The ad was prepared by Bobett Curler`s with a sole aim of attractingfemale customers to buy their products, in this case, mainly curlersand water waving combs.

Thead shows the image of a woman with perfectly curled, dark and oiledhair. Only the upper portion of the body is shown, a feature whichclearly reinforces the intended message of hair beautification. Thestrategic placement of the advertised product alongside the image ofthe targeted persons, in this case, women, clearly demonstrates theemphasis which the earlier advertisements put as they targeted thefemales. The image has been created through black and white drawingwith the main purpose of portraying the effects which are produced bythe advertised products.

Theplacement of different components of the advertisement image augursvery well with the intended message. To begin with, the main messageof the advertisement is hair beautification which can easily be seenon the image of a woman in the ad. The display of a comb, as well asa curler strongly corresponds with the perfectly plaited hair whichhas been the advertisement message. The perfect juxtaposition of thedifferent images clearly brings the message and draws the intendedaudience closer to the ad. The arrangement also attracts womenviewers as it generates the passionate appeal of emotion. Obviously,this would have a positive effect on women in attracting womenconsumers, as women have been shown to react more through theiremotion rather than logic. The manner in which the different imagesare arranged also creates the intended mood.

Lookingat the element of design, one clearly notices the perfect combinationof the different features. One of the elements which have beenperfectly placed is the use of black and white color, which colormatches the intended message. The perfect combination of black andwhite produces the desired impact. Further, it allows the advertiserto depict the qualities which his or her advertised products promiseto bring about, in this case perfectly plaited hair.

Theelement of size also matters a lot when it comes to advertisements.In this particular ad, the image of a woman is clearly visible due toits large size compared to the other images in the ad. This clearlyreinforces the message of hair beauty and serves to attract theattention of the viewer towards the main message of feminine beauty(Davis 69). This reflects the style of ad preparation exhibited bythe 1920`s ads. Although the products beings advertised are supposedto produce the desired beauty, they cannot be the same size as theimage of the intended clients who happen to be the main attraction inthe ad. One can also easily derive the meaning of the ad byexamining the comb and curler, as well as the targeted persons.

Shapeis also another important aspect which is a clear manifestation ofthe impact of an ad. The advertisement has been perfectly displayedon a rectangular shaped material which allows viewers to clearlydiscern the advertisement`s meaning, as well as its main message. Theshape also gives more the ad more space, making it stand out from therest.

Inthe ad, the main focal point is the image of a woman who has beendepicted as a perfect epitome of natural beauty. One clearly noticesthe manner in which her hair has been plaited thus gets the intendedmessage. In this particular, the image of the woman elicits afeeling of satisfaction derived out of a given product. In addition,it creates an emotional appeal among women would like to attain thesame look as the one depicted in the advertisement. Some of theelements that bring out the focal point include the color used, thesize of the image, the shape of the advertisement, as well as the useof lines. For instance, the use black color against a blackbackground makes the image of the women to be easily discernible.

Usageof the colors black and white serves to also create harmony in thead. For one, black is symbolic to natural and well cared for hair.Since the main message of the advertisement is beauty through thehair, it is, therefore, convenient for the use of black and white togenerate the intended appeal. The rectangular shape of the ad alsoserves to increase the focal point and attract a visual appealamongst women. Lastly, image sizes of the different items in the adgenerate a harmonious characteristic and help to increase bothemotional and visual appeal.

Thead clearly depicts all the characteristics of the 1920`sadvertisements, which focused on the issue of perfect bodyidealization, and lay emphasis on the concept of women beautification(Perry 70). Beauty through hair is a concept used in the 1920‘s adsand continues to be applied even today. The ad clearly manifests allthese characteristics.


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