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All these reports about Gotham City indicate that the Police have been

Allthese reports about Gotham City indicate that the Police have been inaction in dealing with crime. However, this does not imply that theGotham city police have been efficient in dealing with crime. Thereseveral things that ought to be done to improve their efficiency indealing with the problems mentioned in this report. The following aresome of the best responses that can make policing more efficient in away that can redeem the dwindling image of Gotham Police.

ProblemNo. 1:The media folks are spreading negative publicity against Gotham citypolice. Some residents of the city buy into the notion and they madecomments that prompted the New York Times to question the ability ofthe city police to provide a safe and welcome environment for thebasketball playoffs.

A workable solution: The comments by residents on The Times reveal abad relationship between the police and the public. The public viewthe police as busy-bodies who are only reactive to petty crime. Now,the basketball playoffs are underway the police must open ways thatcan link them with people at the event. The police can identifyindividuals from different areas who will hold a meeting with him andthe police who will be on duty during the playoffs. A survey ofpotential hotspots can do. This will direct the designation of thepolice in specific areas that can ease response to any criminalincident. This area must be known to the residents and the visitingfans so that they can also be vigilant. The community can also beencouraged to report crime incidences and potential threats throughhotlines already in the public domain. CCTV surveillance can workwell in terms of an overall monitoring of the events on thatplayoff`s day.

ProblemNo. 2:A historical and ensuing rumble between Lebrain Jamison High Schooland St. Aroldis. The former is predominantly black while the later ispredominantly white

Solution: This problem looks like a racial issue, and the policeshould not try to please either side. First the law is clear aboutcertain behavior that constitutes racism. The police must involve theadministrations of the two schools to spell out certain behaviorsthat would amount to arrest. The students should be reminded aboutwhat happened last time. For instance, boundaries should be set forareas that are out of bounds when celebrating a score. Friskingpeople should be proactive to restrain students from walking into thevenue with firearms. Furthermore, the police should suggest moreprofessional and professional of resolving any conflicts on theplayground.

ProblemNo. 3:Alleged burglaries in Richwood by members of little Kentucky

Solution:These are serious allegations and they need meticulousinvestigations. The suspects should be arrested, and evidencesubmitted to the Gotham law courts. The evidence should be strongenough not to disappoint the police before the prosecutor. Afterarrests, the police should involve both the residents of Richwood andKentucky in community policing. Involving both communities willenhance corporation from residents and impartiality claims fromeither side.

ProblemNo. 4:Rookie police Officer, Jimmy Kibble, shoots and kills a hold upsuspect at Garcia`s Grocery in the Hispanic section of the town.There are Complaints of favoritism for the blacks and the policebeing insensitive for Hispanics.

Solution:If the shooting was justifiable there is nothing else the police cando apart from operating within the law. The crackdown on crimeshould continue but this time with more community involvement. TheHispanic community feels left out. The chief should hold severalstrategic meetings with community leaders to come up with a communitypolicing policy that will make the Hispanic community understand thecommitment of police to rid off crime.

ProblemNo. 5:Kanye East`s death of a heart attack in police custody after astruggle with the police

Solution:This is an isolated case. The police can use the same media to makeclear the real cause of East`s death. They should also make it clearthat East has along juvenile record with a long record of drug useand trafficking. They should explain why they ‘tased` East. The lawallows the police to ‘tase` an individual who resists policearrest. ‘Tasing` can be used to disable violent criminals fromrunning away (Siegel 80). Moreover, the police should not struggle toplease the public but they should ensure that they act within theirresponsibility of policing.

ProblemNo. 6:Rev. Johnson Hope`s press conference to denounce the police aboutJordan High school Mr. East`s death.

Solution:The police must outline to the public about the anti-racist measuresin place before to protect the public about any rampage that is racerelated. This includes community leaders involved in craftingresolutions that would guide the policing process during the NBAplayoffs in the city. Those rules and the enforceable penaltiesshould be publicized so that offenders can anticipate strict measuresagainst them.

ProblemNo. 7:Mayor Kourtney`s corruption allegations

Solution: The Gotham city police has to be categorical by informingthe public that the corruption deal in the purchase of ‘tasers` isbefore the courts, and it is the prerogative of the court to set atrial date for the mayor. The police`s work is to arrest the mayorand the directors of Shock and Shaft, and then arraign them in courtto be charged. However, it has nothing to do with East`s death.

ProblemNo. 8:Invitation of a volunteer group to help in cleaning out crime inAnderson park by residents.

Solution: This is acceptable because the police are having budgetconstraints that limit their patrols. In fact, this would expandcommunication between the community and the police. Considering thatGuardian Angel is a reputable volunteer group it is the right one togive the responsibility.


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