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American History Definitions

  • Eli Whitney is the American investor well known for his invention of the cotton gin which is a machine that separates cotton fibres from their seeds quickly and easily. This uplifted the economy of the Antebellum South because it is one of the key nventions during industrial revolution.

  • Samuel Morse invented the single-wire telegraph and one of the developers of Morse code that is very useful to our society today especially in terms of communicating with others.

  • Phineas Taylor Barnum founded Barnum &amp Bailey Circus which is an American circus company that entertained people since 1919 and deemed as the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

  • A wet nurse is a woman who gives breast feeds and takes care another child which is not hers.

  • Aaron Ashworth is a free black colonist that got exempted in the ordinance that forbade the immigration of free blacks into Texas.

  • Abolitionists are people who wanted to end slavery and achieve equality.

  • Nativism is the opposition to the immigrants that will lower the political and the legal status of groups that are considered to the national culture of a state or country.

  • The Grimké sisters were the early advocates of abolitionism and women’s rights. They sparked the people’s fight for equality that made a change in American history.

  • The Seneca Falls Convention is a convention that discussed the social, civil and religious status and rights of woman.

  • James Polk was the last president before the Civil War against Mexico broke out.

  • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed on February 2, 1848 that ended the war between Mexico and U.S.. This treaty sought territorial claims of U.S. to the major states of Mexico.

  • Gold Rush is a time when migration of workers and labourers happened to places where there are discovery of deposits of gold.

  • The California Land Act Law provided immigrants that are ineligible for citizenship to own agricultural lands but they were allowed to lease them for a period up to three years.

  • The Compromise of 1850 is the package of five bills that were passed in U.S. that defused the four-year confrontation between the free states of the North and the slave states of the South due to the status of the territories that were acquired during the war between Mexico and America.

  • The Gadsden Purchase is the treaty between U.S. and Mexico where the U.S. paid Mexico ten million dollars for a 29,670 miles2 of land that later became parts of New Mexico and Arizona.

  • The 1984 Kansas-Nebraska Act made Kansas and Nebraska as new territories that allowed white male settlers that can practice slavery within those territories.

  • The Brook-Sumner Incident happened in May 22, 1856 when Congressman Brooks hit Senator Sumner with a cane on the head when they failed to agreed over the issues of slavery in the new territories.

  • Bloody Kansas was series of vicious, hostile and violent actions and confrontations between the free-staters who were against slavery and the Border Ruffian who were pro-slavery.

  • Robert E. Lee is the commander of Confederate Army of West Virginia that is the most famous and successful confederation army during the American Civil War.

  • Andrew Johnson was the president of the United States after Abraham Lincoln was killed and assassinated. One of his goals is the reconstruction of America after the country was torn and rifted by the Civil War.