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American History Question 3



Slaveslived very difficult lives. They were supposed to provide unpaidlabor in plantations owned by the slaveholders who treated themunkindly. The slaves lived in small huts built close to each other inunproductive lands. Also, the communities where they lived had poorsanitation making them vulnerable to diseases.


Lifeof the free African-Americans in the antebellum 19thcentury was not any different from that of the slaves. They wereproscribed socially, politically and economically. They were also notallowed to own property, and were supposed to carry passes wheneverthey went. If I was a free African-American, I would have tried toget to Africa where I could enjoy equal rights as my fellow blacks.


Iadmire the abolitionists for the selfless effort they put so as tobring to end slavery in America as well as freeing the black slavesand taking them back to Africa. Some of the famous abolitionistsinclude Lewis Tappan, William Lloyd Garrison, J. Sella martin, Arthurand some Evangelical Protestants. These abolitionists facedopposition from the slave states but they didn’t quit theirantislavery campaigns.


Iwouldn’t have liked to be a middle-class woman in antebellum 19thcentury. This is because women were deemed to be weaker and delicatethan men, and therefore their place was supposed to be at home doinghousehold chores. They were not supposed to be employed and theirpersonal satisfaction came from serving and caring for theirfamilies. This was unfair to women because what a man can do, a womancan do even better.


Thetheory of manifest destiny was a social theory used in America duringthe 19thcentury. It claimed that the white Christian Americans were Godchosen and therefore they had the right to own anything they wishedfor, in spite of who owned it. This idea led to the expansion of theUS territory leaving many Native Americans landless while othersbecome slaves. I do not agree with this idea because it oppressedmany people and that is against Gods will.


Inmy opinion, slavery was the main cause of the civil war because itescalated political unease in the United States. The Republican Partywanted to end slavery but the southern states were against this ideasince they depended on slaves as their main source of labor in theirlarge plantations. Therefore when Lincoln, a republican candidate,won the elections held in 1860, the slave states seceded to form theconfederacy and this triggered the civil war.


Iadmire John Brown for the way he stood up effectively andpersistently for human dignity in ending slavery. He was anabolitionist who believed that the only to end slavery was to arm theslaves with weapons so as to conquer the slave states in America. Hedied for a good course, when fighting for the rights of the hopelessslaves.


Ido admire Abraham Lincoln for the important role he played during thecivil war. He was eloquent in safeguarding the union and started theemancipation proclamation process which put a stop to slavery inAmerica. He remained persisted and brave in fighting the confederacyin spite of the many challenges he faced. Any lesser person wouldhave surrendered and ended the war before achieving his goals, butLincoln didn’t.


Theresults of the civil war were vicious, 625,000 solders lost theirlives and a lot of wealth in the southern states was destroyed.However, despite that the war was worth fighting because it put astop to slavery. The civil war also made the United States to bepreserved as one united nation.


Thereconstruction process was successful because its goals were met.Through reconstruction process, slavery was put to an end permanentlyand measures to stop semi-slavery status were taken by organizingwork for those who were slaves. The union was also reunited bydissolving the southern states and holding fresh elections with thefreed slaves allowed to vote.


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