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Priorto the Vietnam War, the make-up of the American army was largelydominated by the whites. However, during the Vietnam War, theAmerican army saw an increase in the number of soldiers from theAfrican American race. During the war, black Americans comprised atleast 12% of the total soldiers at war (Faragher et al, 2009). Therehas been debate over the mistreatment that the black servicemenreceived during the war. It is argued that the black Americans in theVietnam War suffered the largest causalities, which comprised 12.5%.The also comprised of women who largely worked asnurses during the war. The women were sourced from middle classfamilies with military knowledge and were subjected to four monthstraining before being deployed to the war zones. It is, however,critical to note that the make-up of the in theVietnam War included men and women from all races (Faragher et al,2009).

Itis evident from research that there was enormous opposition to theAmerican involvement in the Vietnam War. As the opposition to the Warmovement escalated, soldiers at that were reluctant to continueengaging in war since they found no real enemy to fight. It is alsoclear that there were reduced number of soldiers turning up forinduction for draftees (Faragher et al, 2009). In other words, therewere reduced numbers of soldiers available for the army due to theVietnam War opposition movements.

Thereturn of the soldiers to the United States from Vietnam indicatedthe end of America’s involvement in the war. A huge chunk of theAmerican population was unhappy with the war and was quickly tryingto forget the events of the war in which America was defeated for thefirst time in history (Hall, 2009). The soldiers returned to countrywhose populace was unhappy with their actions at the war and theirinvolvement. However, it is vital to point out that a section of theAmerican population hailed the soldiers for their actions and combatin the Vietnam War.


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