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AnnotatedBibliography: Older Americans Act of 1965

AOA,Administration on Aging. OlderAmericans Act,Retrieved From,

&lthttp://www.aoa.gov/AOARoot/AoA_Programs/OAA/index.aspx&gtApril 21, 2014

Thiswebsite dedicates its work and content to the service of the aging.It describes the need for the protection of the rights of old peoplein the United States. To achieve this, the website discussed theOlder People’s act of 1965, as well as the developments that havebeen made on the law since it was first passed and published. Thiswebsite provides reliable material on the topic and other topics onold people since it is a government website and is updated regularly.

House,OlderAmericans Act of 1965.Retrieved from,

&lthttp://www.house.gov/legcoun/Comps/OAA65.pdf&gtApril 21, 2014

Thisresource provides the law as published in 1965 for the user to readand understand every clause of the legislation. The [publicationillustrates the decision of the congress in the passing of the actinto law in 1965. Through the comprehensive details included in theresource, a person can know all the provisions of the act as well asthe reason for the law. The act gives definitions and directions onthe circumstances for the application of the legislation.

Jurkowski,E. (2007). Policyand Program Planning for Older Adults: Realities and Visions.

NewYork: Springer Publishing Company

Asa PHD holder, Jurkowski presents clear and detailed information onthe act that was passed to cater for the aged. In a more detailedmanner, this book describes the most important amendments that weremade on the older Americans act from 1967 to 2000. The entire chapterseven dedicates its discussion on the older Americans act which makesthe book a reliable source of information on the topic. The bookprovides a discussion on the seven titles of the act that describesthe components of the act.

NationalHealth Policy Program, 2012, OlderAmericans Act of 1965: Programs and

Funding.Retrieved From, &lthttp://www.nhpf.org/library/the-basics/Basics_OlderAmericansAct_02-23-12.pdf&gtApril 21, 2014

Itis one of most reliable website sources as it provides an analysisand discussion on the act. This website has it content on the agingdiscuss the rights of old people in the United States as provided bythe act. The website illustrates the seven associated titles of thetopic as well as the multiple service programs provided by the act.These are, objectives, establishment of AOA, grants by the state,health activities for longevity, community service, grants for NativeAmericans, and protection of the rights of vulnerable elderly.

NCOA,2012, OlderAmericans Act Reauthorization.Retrieved From,

http://www.ncoa.org/public-policy-action/older-americans-act&gtApril 21, 2014

TheNational Council on the Aging provides a comprehensive discussion onthe topic and the reauthorization that was developed on the act. Thediscussion presents the bill as a bipartisan piece of legislation andgoes on to describe the importance of the bill. The website furthergives links to further exploration of the topic on the basis of theinstitutions involved in the enactment of the act. In addition, theweb article discusses the SandersOAA Reauthorization Bills which illustrates some of the proposedreauthorizations in regard to the 1965 act.

NCPSSM,2012, OlderAmericans Act of 1965: Programs and Funding. RetrievedFrom, &lt

https://www.ncpssm.org/PublicPolicy/OlderAmericans/Documents/ArticleID/1171/Older-Americans-Act&gtApril 21, 2014

TheNational Committee to Preserve Social Security Measures providesvalid discussion and resources on the act. This website discusses theaging bill as part of their mandate to ensure that measures of socialsecurity are upheld and maintained. The website discusses the peoplewho will benefit from the act as well as the benefits of the act. The discussion illustrates implementation committee as well as thefunding of the implementation of the act as well as thereauthorization of the act.

UnitedStates. Congress. House. Committee, 1989, Handbookto Title V of the Older

AmericansAct, U.S.G.P.O: Pennsylvania State University

Thisbook provides a comprehensive detailed discussion of the chapter fiveof the act. The book focuses on the, grants for Native Americans asprovided for in the act. In addition, the book explores theimportance of the title to the act as well as the implantationbenefits. The book also describes the circumstantial elements of theact and the need for the implementation of the bill.

UnitedStates. Congress. House. Committee, 1989, Handbookto Title V of the Older

AmericansAct, U.S.Government Printing Office the Library of Congress

Thisbook provides an account of the hearings that led to the publishingof the act in 1965. In further details, the book includes therequirements for the implementation of the act as well as theamendments. This provides details on how the act will be implementedafter amendments are done. Moreover, it provides the importance ofthe act as well as the contexts of the amendments.

UnitedStates. Administration on Aging,OlderAmericans act of 1965, as amended and

relatedacts. U.S.Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1976: University of Michigan

Thebook provides information on the act of 1965 which relates to theimplementation of the act. In a detailed manner, the book describesthe need for the act as well as the importance for a successfulimplementation. In addition, the book provides details of the lawthat directly relates to the ageing population and proposes positiveresults of the implementation. Moreover, the book provides otherrelated laws in relation to the law for the older population.

UnitedStates, 2010, Compilationof the Older Americans Act of 1965 and related

provisionsof law, as amended through October 9, 1984: an information paper,Volume 4. U.S.G.P.O: Pennsylvania State University

Thisbook provides the provisions that the 1965 law provided during itsenactment in the United States. In addition, the book gives anaccount of the amendments that took place in regard to the law aswell as their publication. Through a compilation, the book containsthe necessary information needed for the understanding of the motivesof the act. The book also contains all the hearing on the passing ofthe law as well as the contexts that the committee had on thereauthorization of the act.