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Annotated Bibliography


Bloom,Harold. RaymondCarver: Comprehensive Research and Study Guide.Broomall, PA: Chelsea House, 2002. Print.

Bloomoffers a precise recapture of the book Chinua Achebe marriage is aprivate affair and the way history has changed the basic perceptionof children towards the values that their parents uphold especiallyin marriage. He further asserts that the cultures have changed andthe ways people the ceremonial marriages. Furthermore,dissatisfaction, transformation and communications are evidenttopics.

Bloomprovides a rich source of how confines of traditions can prevent onefrom marrying a person of one own choice by presenting informationthat is in the original story by Chinua Achebe. This source is quitedescriptive and authentic and summarizes the main concepts that arein the book. The author presents reliable work since the themes andthe topics inside the original work are still intact in the work. Thesource is objective. Harold’s goal is to enable the researchers amore comprehensive view of the book by Chinua Achebe. The title ofthe book in itself relates well with research on marriage and thechallenges faced by the younger generation as a result of ideologygap. Thus, the article is useful in drawing some arguments in a. Thisexposition is in line with today`s preference of embracing the choiceof parents in marriage rather than one own choice.

Madden,Frank. ExploringLiterature: Writing and Arguing about Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and theEssay.New York: Pearson Longman, 2009. Print.

Thebook covers cathedral and features both the widowed and marriedcouples. The argument is based on marital problems in marriages andblindness in people. Furthermore, dissatisfaction, transformation andcommunications are evident topics. Madden, Frank, presents marriageswith trampled doors and swinging doors. The article presentsinstances of failed relationships, paying bills and personal setbacksmade daily.

Thesource is useful to the person who wants a quick review whole conceptinherent in the story. Madden and Frank presents a relatively fairsite in terms of credibility but still a useful one. The narration interms of capturing the audience is low. Nevertheless, it provides arich source of information. For instance, only the chronologicalorder has been lost but the ideas are still intact. In addition,Madden underscores the significance of marriage in the Cathedral bypresenting a rather biased side. Like many authors, the aim of thearticle is to give the readers a more comprehensive and appealingapproach to literally works. In addition, the article fits in thetextual symmetry of my research by presenting marriage and maritalproblems in the working class and thus helpful even for furtherstudies.