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  1. Thomas Jefferson believed that slavery is the greatest thing that threatens the survival of the American Nation. It is an act that opposes the laws of nature that suppresses people to their own liberty. Fitzhugh defended slavery by claiming it as a much better act than the free labor of the North.

  2. Fitzhugh vigorously defended slavery because of his strong disagreement on free society, laissez-faire economy and wage slavery.

  3. He defines free labor as a capitalist approach to make those people above the poverty line drain the greatest amount of work out of labourers with minimum compensation. It does not that applicable nowadays because workers’ welfare now are protected by laws and acts to ensure equal and fair treatment by employers.

  1. Following Fitzhugh’s point of view regarding slavery, the slaveholders are paternalistic because it gives the slave the status of human being which was denied by many white people in their connotation of slavery. Even though some apologists claimed that slavery was good for slaves, there is little, if any, evidence to support the strong claim that most or many slaveholders genuinely believed that they were helping blacks by holding them as slaves.


Slaveryin whichever way you see it is inhumane. It halts people’s freedomand is not a good practice because usually, slavery can also serve asan “heirloom” that will be passed from generation to generation.With regards to Fitzhugh’s belief that slavery is for the positivegood, I believe it is the contrary. It is unfortunate to know thatwhen Thomas Jefferson tried to impede or stop the slave trade, itjust caused the increase in slavery on that time. People yearn forequality and supporting slavery will not help people to achieve it.

Slaveryshould be abolished since it encompasses more complex issues likesexism and racism. Blacks and whites in America live in one countryand therefore should be given equal rights. Slavery separates nationsand it illustrates a society where two entities cannot livepeacefully and with harmony with one another. Slaves should be freedand emancipated in order for America to be really called as a freecountry.

Itis true that there are biological dangers to a race mixture becausenot only the races will be mixed up but also their culturalindifferences, physical characteristics and religions. What isimportant is that it could be difficult at first but when peoplelearn to adapt to these changes, a stronger and tighter nation willarise. We should just be ready and prepared to embrace these changesand hope for the best outcome to happen.

Allmen are born free and equal. This is a mantra that can be used inorder to support the abolition of slavery. If I were born in theearly times when slavery is a nationwide practice, I would havejoined the American Anti Slave Society to liberate slaves and bringequality to the society. I would host lectures against slavery,pioneer petition drives to collate people in supporting the antislavery campaign in America and would print a wide variety ofmaterials to disseminate our words.

Asidefrom the abolition of slavery, African Americans which constituted alarge percentage of slaves in the United States should be given thesame political, economic and social rights as to their “masters”or usually the whites. We should not believe in Fitzhugh’sproposition regarding his views in slavery if he himself, did nothave the chance to be one or experienced to be one.


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