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Application Letter to the School of Information Studies


ApplicationLetter to the School of Information Studies



TheAdmissions Board

Schoolof Information Studies, Syracuse University,&nbsp

Syracuse,NY, 13210


Re:Application for InformationSystems and Telecommunications Course

Myname is Ziihao Deng, a living in Syracuse, United States. I herebyapply for a degree course in your institution. I am an undergraduatestudent at Syracuse University pursuing computer engineering as amajor subject. As a young expert, I am seeking to enhance myinformation technology skills by enrolling at your institution.Professionally, I have established myself with diverse knowledge inthe field of computer engineering. Ihave certified proficiency inMicrosoft Office Suite, MS Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse and Unity3D.In addition, I have proficiency in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, MAC OSand Ubuntu. Moreover, I hold certifications for the skills ofComputer Programming languages that include C,C++, Obj-C, C#, OpenGL, HTML, PHP, andJava Concentration.

Dueto my commitment to professionalism, I will be a valuable student toyour institution. I am a Member of the National Society ofProfessional Engineers, NSPE. This platform has helped me to growprofessionally and advance my scope of service. In addition, I am aMember of Hong Kong Cultural Organization (HKCO) in addition to mypassion in Writing, Blogging, and playing piano, volunteering,playing badminton. To fulfill my computing passion, I engage incustomizing PC with associated hardware.

Asa young leader in the industry, I feel I will add value to yourinstitution due to the many recognitions and awards I have won in thefield. In 2013, I won the first Prize in Engineering RoboticsProjects Category from the NYS Society of Professional Engineers(NSPE). In the same year, I also won the second Prize in Open Houseof Engineering Senior Design organized by L.C. Smith College ofEngineering &amp Computer.

Ihighly fit to join your university to explore the profession furtherdue to my past experience in the field, after working at somereputable organizations. During the summer of 2013, I worked atsuperbiiz.com as a Web Developer. I worked Build, maintain andsupport scalable ecommerce website with PHP, HTML and JavaScript,writing clean and well-tested code and design whose features I own.In the summer of 2012, I worked with HSBC (China Branch) inGuangzhou, China as a Senior Manager Assistant where I worked tocompute reports, health plans, and assemble Servers to providesolution-based services to customers.

Myvision for my career is to achieve the highest level ofprofessionalism and ultimately work as a manager in the same field. Ienvision to becoming an engineering authority in the field andmanaging organizations by assisting them set up and manage their ITcomponents and systems. To advance this dream, I chose yourinstitution. This is because SyracuseUniversity has the highestlevels of IT management studies and professional growth that I need(Schoolof Information Studies Syracuse University, 2014).After completing my degree inComputer Engineering, I will a good job for two years and enroll fora management master’s course in your university in same field.

Itis with my humble request that you will accept my application for thecourse in the School of Information Studies at your university. Iwill work hard to fulfill the vision and mission of the universityand develop the capacity for improving operations of organizationsand people across the world.


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