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Are All Criminals Prosecuted Fairly?

AreAll Criminals Prosecuted Fairly?

Thegoal of every criminal that is brought before a court is findingjustice however, sometimes it is worrying because not allindividuals receive justice (Wayne28). The prosecution process is usually different from the courtpresentation because the court brings out a decision after theprosecutor presents his/her case before the court. In most cases, thecourt has to depend on the verification brought forward by theprosecutor. The prosecutor may bring forward criminal evidence thatis associated with a given criminal, which is not fair. In such acase, the prosecution delivered to a suspected criminal may beunfair. Some prosecutions brought forward to the court are not fairbecause they usually engage false statements. Therefore, not allprosecutions are fair. Alternatively, not all criminals areprosecuted. One of the reasons why not all criminals becomeprosecuted is due to unrecognized criminal situations. Some criminalshave not yet been prosecuted because their criminal activities havenot yet been uncovered. Besides, due to corruption, some criminalshave not faced prosecution some prosecutors have been bought offleading to a lack of prosecution (Wayne48). Therefore, not all criminals are prosecuted.

Justiceis what everyone seeks, when brought before a court however, it hasbeen exceedingly cumbersome for all individuals to have justice.Individuals usually fall into classes there are those that canafford paying a good counsel while others do not have the capacity.Individuals that have the capacity of affording a good counselusually get an acquittal however, the poor do not have the capacityof receiving the same representation. This makes it cumbersome tohave justice for all (Wayne68). Thus, there is no justice for all.


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