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Assignment 2



Thearticle gives an account of an anthropologist by the name Richard Leewho is involved in carrying out an ethnographic study among theculture of Kung Bushmens. From the article, it is evident that thistribe in Africa has its own way of celebrating Christmas. In hisstudy, Lee employs a number of anthropological and sociologicalconcepts that can be regarded as crucial. The study is based on anumber of anthropological concepts that guide ethnographic studiesabout a community and their culture. The story of Kung Bushmen asdescribed in the article illustrates the various agents ofsocialization and the role they play in imparting knowledge, customs,norms, as well as beliefs about a certain culture (Lee, 1976).

Afterthe reading the article, one can learn that culture is an agent ofsocialization, which contributes to the socialization of anindividual into his beliefs. The traditions of the Kung Bushmen areimparted in the members of the community through learning how tocarry out activities such as hunting and gathering. Men are taught tobe hunters and they are socialized into this culture, whichultimately becomes part of their everyday life. Among the KungBushmen, men go out hunting in the morning and are expected to comeback in the evening with food. On their side, women carry outhousehold chores. This gender division of labor among the Kung hasbeen internalized with each gender being socialized to carry outspecific roles.

Statusis also another key sociological aspect that has been illustrated inthe article. Based on this aspect, there were differences between theanthropologist and the people of the society in which he conducts hisstudy. Kung Bushmen can be seen to be different from theanthropologist as they hold a distinct social status. While thesocial status of the anthropologist seems to be higher, members ofthe Kung Bushmen society tend to hold a lower social status. Theanthropologist has a lot of wealth compared to the Kung Bushmen. Thisexplains why he can afford canned goods while the Bushmen had noconstant supply of food, but depended on what they got from theirhunting expeditions (Lee, 1976).

Mechanicalsolidarity is also evident in the Kung Bushmen society. The communityupholds togetherness while carrying out their activities. This can beevidenced by the fact that the tribe performs customs and ritualswith a lot of unity and solidarity. It is the rituals performed bythe community that bring all members of the tribe together. DuringChristmas, the community performs Christmas rituals and ceremoniestogether and this serves to strengthen the community and prevent itfrom disintegrating and becoming fragmented. In addition, the unitywhile carrying out hunting expeditions act as a basis forstrengthening the entire community. The community has a worldviewthat can be regarded as shared and this helps them stay together inpeace and unity.

Withregard to the concept of gemeinschaft, there is a sense of commonidentity among the Kung Bushmen. The members of the society tend tohave a close relationship and there are traditional sentiments thatbring them together. For example, there is a tendency to believe thata young man who comes home with a lot of meat is superior to othermen who take home little amounts of meat. There are littledisagreements among the community members and this emanates from thecloseness in the relationship (Lee, 1976). ReferencesLee,R.B. (1976). EatingChristmas in the Kalahari. Retrieved6thApril 2014 From: http://www.waketech.edu/sites/default/files/libraryfiles/ereserves/ant220/kalahari.pdf