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Socialism, which is an economic and social system, entailing socialownership and distribution of resources should be fully entrenchedagain back in the Venezuelan democracy, through mediation. Theeconomic environment and other areas in the government of Venezuelawere doing preferably better from around fourteen years that were ledby a socialist government of Hugo Chavez. However, the government hasnow come under criticism from different quarters of the world on howit is handling the plight of its citizens. Economic performance hasdropped significantly, insecurity has increased and demonstrationshave been witnessed all over the country. Police and paramilitarycrackdowns are intense, leading to deaths. The situation became worseafter the death of Hugo Chavez in early 2013.These issues were neverwitnessed during his regime when countrymen were bonded together bythe social fabric which has now been unraveled.

Venezuela was once envied by her neighbors as a socialist anddemocratic nation, besides having the largest oil reserves in theworld. This has been tainted by the ever increasing injustices by theauthority and other vested groups, which calls for action. Thenegotiations through their neighbors should strive to bring back thereal socialism that Venezuelans once enjoyed. One of the causes ofthese injustices in the country is capitalism sense of mentality thatsome powerful individuals and business have been practicing.Venezuelans are not used to capitalism and that has revoked unrestfrom the public. The benefits that could be accrued if the currentgovernment fully entrenches democratic socialism include social unityand a fair and just society, economic development and reduceddisparity and elimination of social evils.

Many countries in the modern world would not like to hear ofsocialism in their society. The mentality of capitalism has made eventhe Venezuela’s neighbors oppose the concept of socialism, whichhas made things worse in this nation. Embracing socialism for acountry can bring an aggressive debate in the modern times (Hunterand Nick 217). However, over a decade Venezuela has proved manynations wrong about that belief. The unrest that is now beingexperienced was not in the previous regime. The social unity thatwas a pride of many Venezuelans is no longer there. Many citizens whoare leading this revolution, who are the majority, understand thebenefits that come with the democratic socialism (Bruce 143). Themediation process could be carried out by the Venezuela’s neighborssuch as Cuba or to an extent Brazil.

Although many could argue that socialism era is long gone in thecurrent world, but if a nation has done it right and has shown theworld that socialism is the way to go, why not be assisted to gothat way? In fact socialism is very alive with us in different levelsbut due to selfishness by authorities, they crash it to death at ahigher level (Smilde, David, and Hellinger 112). Lack of social unityhas caused Venezuela a lot. It has led to brutal crackdowns usingunprecedented force where many people have lost their lives. Manyhave been detained as a result. There have been also reports oftorture. However, it is agreeable that true social unity throughsocialism cannot be met without a political will of exercisingdemocracy. It therefore means that mediation efforts should be firstdirected to the leadership to lead the way.

It is evident that Venezuela recorded massive growth in her economyin the democratic socialism under Hugo Chavez. Doesn’t it then meanthat socialism is perfect for economic growth of a country, providedthe leadership exercises democracy and willingness? A largeproportion of the population has expressed its dissatisfaction on theway the economy is rapidly deteriorating. This is one of the maincauses of social unrest in the country. The main source of revenuefrom exports is oil (Bruce 104), which counts for over 90% of thetotal government income. However, despite these reserves, thegovernment is now relying on printing of money to fill up the cashdeficit. Consequently this has led to high inflation rate, which isover 56 %. In reaction to the high rate of inflation, the governmenthas wrongly applied the socialism approach by imposing price controlsand accusing some businesses of hoarding their products (Smilde,David, and Hellinger 213). Does this question the manner in which theauthority needs to apply socialist democracy? This economic chain hasled to a countrywide shortage of medicines, food and other basicproducts. This scarcity index has been estimated by the central bankof Venezuela to be at 28% in January 2014. This means that for everyfour basic products, one product is not available at a given time.

This means that, although a country may be having socialism policiesin place, for it to experience an economic growth, what matters ishow these policies are applied and implemented. The government shouldalso put in place attractive incentives to the business people inrelation to its socialism policies. One of the countries that a bigpercentage of its economy relies on Venezuela is Cuba (Bruce 241).This means that it would be in a better position to lead the dialogueprocess. Many argue that the dialogue process cannot be successfulwith the continuing unrest which is now being witnessed, but how canthis be stopped without dialogue? Some may propose sanctions to thecountry. This may further cripple the already ailing economy and makethe poor to even suffer more. The governments, in this concern, needto come together and beak the economic power of those who areinvolved in sabotaging the revolution process, curb the flight ofspeculation and capital (Hunter and Nick, 159). This should be thecase as they engage the Venezuelan government in dialogue. Otherwiseeconomic hardships that continue to grip the people will not becalmed. Socialism can solve economic problems if well implementedthrough nationalization of the banks, major industries and land.

Social evils have skyrocketed in recent months in Venezuela. Thequestion that comes out clearly is why this is the case? Thedeterioration of economic status of Venezueladiscussed above hasbeen partly contributed by high rate of social evils such as crime(Bruce, 174). The country has even been rated as one of the placeswhich are dangerous to live in the world! Has capitalism not playedpart in this? Take for example in the year 2013 alone, over 25,000homicides cases were reported. This translated to a rate of 79killings for every 100,000 people in the country. This is also one ofthe main reasons why the country has turned to be unlivable, sparkingunrest all over the nation. (Smilde, David and Hellinger 231). Thegovernment however seem not to realize this, instead it has reactedwith brutal repression which does not seem to do much.

Democratic socialism can control this by proper sharing of resourcesas opposed to capitalism. Capitalism makes the minority in thesociety to feel neglected in the sharing of the cake. Their responseis to try any means to get their share. This is also contributed byfrustrations among the population, since a greater proportion ofwealth goes to a small percentage of people, who happens to bepowerful in the society. This increases the level of social evils andwidens the gap between the rich and the poor. It therefore leads tothe fact that if proper efforts are made to bring all partiesconcerned on the table, in exercising democratic socialism, thenthese incidences of social evils and killings can decreasedramatically.

The case of Venezuela cannot be solved without proper engagement ofall parties involved. Mediation efforts need to be initiated bycountries that are well aware of the situation ailing the country.Cuba stands to be in the best position do this. Venezuela has provedto the world how democratic socialism can impact economy in apositive way. This was shown by Hugo Chavez, only things to changeafter his death and selection of the current president NicolasMaduro. However a question rises if the mediator(s) are notpro-socialism. The countries involved in this, must be gettingeconomic benefit from the Venezuela’s stability. This will createwillingness in solving this problem. The benefits of enhancingsocialism in a democratic approach will go a long way in improvingsocial unity, economic growth and reducing the rate of social evilsin the Venezuelan population. In addition, social media platforms ofwhich many Venezuela currently use to air their views can also beused by you and me in advocating for the democratic socialism intheir own country.

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