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Research paper on lady gaga

Lady Gaga’s real names are Stefani Joanne Angelina and she wasborn in 1986 in New York. During her various interviews on televisionshows such as eTalks prime time special, Lady Gaga has pointedout that she always dreamt her life being music and art. According toher, her childhood life and her youth before the fame were colorfuland enjoyable (Goodman 22). However, critics have argued that some ofher arguments are lies meant to match her past with her presentlifestyle. Gaga argues that she was a provocative lady from childhoodand gave babysitters a hard time. Having grown up across the streetwith opera and ballet, Lady says that she always dreamt of being astar. Lady Gaga also attributes her success to her mother who alwaysencouraged her by telling her she a beautiful child of God. Unlikeother celebrities who lacked parental love from either parents, LadyGaga had the privilege of both parents love and affection. As aconsequence, Lady Gaga has had a scandal free career in the musicindustry. Unlike other artists such as Britney Spears who had noparental love and seek approval from people, Lady Gaga does not seekany public approval.

Lady Gaga had the privilege of having a record player in theirliving room which she would use to listen to music by Pink Floyd, theBeatles, and Billy Joel. Her father would train her how to dancealongside music by these artists. It is therefore apparent that LadyGaga had a music background which was vital for the foundation of hermusic career. She also sang along Michael Jackson. The role played byher parents were critical in her music career. When they noticed thatshe might be having an interest in music, they enrolled her in acreative arts camp. In addition, they provided a piano and employed atrainer for her (Lady Gaga 4).

Lady Gaga had a natural voice for singing and she enjoyed singingfrom a young age. Her voice could be noticed whenever she sang. Hergreat voice was noticed by a clerk who introduced her to his uncle,Don Lawrence who was a great voice coach. Lady Gaga had the privilegeof presenting her voice to Lawrence who advised her to start writingsongs. Lady Gaga was only 13 years old when he wrote her first songabout love (Callahan 79). This was the turning point in Lady Gaga’scareer. Although Stefani would sneak out of her parents’ house andhang out in interesting and fan places, she never dated or went outon dates until when she was 16 years old.

Lady Gaga is a hard working artist who has seen her way up theladder to fame and stardom. Her career has been a journey that hastaken a lot of sacrifices. Her family stood with her all along evenin her auditions. She has been described as a great participant andperformer in high school. Lady Gaga remains one of the most committedartists, which can be attributed to her efforts. While in highschool, Stefani was described as a lady who extremely liked boys, buther music was always number one (Callahan 61). Lady Gaga is acritical artist due to her ability to use different accents. Hergreat performances are attributed to her different accents, which isa talent that singles out Lady Gaga from other artists.

Lady Gaga appears as an important artists due to her past. It isimperative to note that besides being a great singer with a greatvoice, Stefani has had an opportunity to work in other sectors. Forinstance, Stefani was once a waitress where she confessed that shewas a terrible waitress who flirted with almost every man to get atip. She points out that her behaviors as a waitress to solicit tipsdid not always end up well (Callahan 77). A vast majority of artistshave only had their music career. However, lady Gaga has had anopportunity to interact with people at a different sector. This was acritical learning opportunity for her. She learnt that peopleappreciated more on how she looked and not the food she served them.Lady Gaga becomes an important artist because of the lessons that shehas learnt and applies in her career. The way she dresses whileperforming in night clubs is a lesson she learnt while working as awaitress (Eelis 41). Her dressing and appearance seems unique and herperformance is always special to the audience.

Lady Gaga has been the writer of a majority of her songs. She is agreater writer of songs, as well as a performer. This makes herexceptional and a great artist amongst the rest. Although sometimesLady Gaga never had that appealing attention of her audience, shekept the faith and courage to move on. This is an indication that sheis an exceptional artist and performer who is determined to show heraudience her worth (Nestruck 38). Her sexual appearances on stageduring her performances sets her out from other artists. She is anartists who seems confident with her sexuality.

Lady Gaga stands out as an important artists due to her education inmusic. Unlike other artists who may not have any education on music,Stefani has education on music. This makes her professional musician,whose career is complemented by her talent in dancing and confidenceto sexually expose her body. Another aspect that makes lady Gaga animportant artist is her belief that she can fake it until she makeit. She is a lady of courage and determination. She started small atthe age of sixteen when she wasn’t famous, but struggled her way upuntil she achieved her tremendous success and fame that she boasts oftoday (Callahan 80). Lady Gaga is an ambitious lady who would performbefore a crowd believing that she appeared like a professionalperformer and a celebrity to them.

Stefani struggled with her SGBand in trying to find her way into themusic industry. She would perform in various clubs with her band.This is an indication of the determination that the young girl had.Her ambition in music was not even deterred by her universityeducation at New York University

(NYU). She would go out for auditions while still a student. Winninga contract with Rob Fusari and Wendy Starland seems to be anothermajor breakthrough in her career. Her determination to succeed in themusic industry cannot be overlooked. It is evident from research evenafter she was dropped by Island Def Jam Recordings, she never gave upher dream.

There are numerous facts in regard to Lady Gaga that are littleknown to the public. Lady Gaga is a lady for the men. In numerousinterviews she has confessed on how she liked men at school. It is,however, imperative to note that she always put her music dreamsfirst. Lady Gaga has also been a victim of drug abuse. She abusedcocaine after her contract with the Island Def Jam Recordings wasdropped with no apparent reason (Nestruck 29). Her performances onstage while half naked are inspired by her childhood behaviors.Stefani would surprise her babysitters while young when she would ranto them naked and surprise them. Lady Gaga believes that herappearance is critical at stage and that it what the audience looksat. Another fact about Lady Gaga is that she was an outgoing younggirl who would sneak out of her parents’ house and go to clubs tohave fun.

Lady Gaga never dated until she was sixteen. In addition, Lady Gaganever had any interest in driving or learning to drive. It issurprising to note that she never had not learnt how to drive at theage of 26. Dressing has been a critical part of Gaga’s life. Herdressing style changed drastically when she went to campus and gotthe freedom not to wear uniforms. She would wear suspenders and jeanswhile at a campus (Goodman 15). The name lady Gaga has had variousexplanations in regard to its origin and where she got it from. Itis, however, largely accepted that she got the name from her producerRob Fusari.

The accomplishments that Lady Gaga has achieved are tremendous. Herstardom and fame is known world over and she is a favorite for a vastmajority of people especially the youth. Her performances on stageare exceptional and genius and cannot be compared with any otherartist’s. The journey of her fame has been gradual, but hergreatest breakthrough was in 2007 when she was working withStreamline label where she wrote songs for great artists such asBritney Spears and pussycat dolls (Nestruck 34). It was Akon whorealized her talent when she sang as a reference vocal in one of hissongs. After being absorbed by Interscope, she was able to record herfirst album alongside Martin Kierszenbaum. Her song, Just Dance, in2008, was one of the greatest hits that brought her to the limelight.

Lady Gaga has been a successful song writer, dancer, performer andmusician. For instance, Lady Gaga composed all the lyrics andcomposed the melodies for her album, The Fame. This portrays her asan accomplished song writer and musician. Her accomplishments as apop star have been attributed to her open-mindedness andnon-discriminatory form of music which appeals to even the gaypopulation. Lady Gaga is a lady who stands for what she believes(Goodman 33). Her success in the pop industry is like a mystery.Although she a celebrated artists today, it is imperative to notethat her journey to fame has been a one day journey, but a lifetimecommitment to the music industry. The numerous disappointments andfailures that she went through were not enough to deter her fromachieving her success.

Once Lady Gaga believed that her dressing would be a great tool forher career and it turned out to be true. Her skimpy dressing helpedher achieve great performances on stages all across the world. LadyGaga is an open-minded artist who does not discriminate her audiencein terms of gender, age, race or sexual orientation. Lady Gaga hasportrayed her strong belief in hard work and how it has contributedto her success.

It is evidently clear that lady Gaga is not only an artist, but agreat performer who is excellent in what she does. She has been ableto apply her performance techniques into the pop industry and made itbig within a period which numerous artists would consider extremelyshort.

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