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LessonI: Avoid using pronouns to refer to students

Itis clear that the use of pronouns to refer to students is poorapproach in a learning environment. The teacher needs to know hisstudents by names. I feel this is vital since it shows the learnersthat they are worth before the teacher and that they are welcome inhis or her class. I feel that it is the responsibility of the teacherto know the names of the learners and not call them by pronouns suchas “you”.in addition I feel that it is inappropriate to refer tolearner by pronouns since it might bring about confusion in theclassroom. It is vital to take time as a teacher to know the names ofyour students since this would ensure that the students like you andyour subject. It is clear that this would foster a good relationshipbetween the teacher and individual learners.

LessonII: Slow down and sit down. Avoid hovering and give students space towork

Itis clear that the movement of the teacher around the class willinterfere with the learners’ concentration. I concur that it isimperative for the teacher to slow down and sit in order to givelearners a chance to concentrate on whatever they are doing. I feelthat any movement by the teacher around the class will create someform of disturbance, which interferes with the learners’ work. Whenstudents are given assignments, they require space and time to work.Therefore, it is vital for the teacher to give students the space bysettling down in a particular place. I would gladly welcome thissuggestion to give students space to work and would adopt in futurein order to have an effective learning environment.