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Oneof the greatest and most intriguing compositions of was the9thsymphony, the Ode to joy. It is dated back to 1809 when musical ideanotes were formed to be later used for the symphony composition(, 1997). gathered material for this piece ofmusic used in 1822-1824, a time when the great symphony waselaborated through soloists and chorus. This symphony has a generaltone of happiness captured and thus is famously referred to as thesymphony of joy. It was composed during the romantic period asevident in the incredible density of rhythmic, harmonic, thematic andorganic unity is displays. Symphony 9 qualifies as romantic music asit is characterized by strong expression of emotions, emphasizes onlyrical melodies, has rich variety types of pieces as spectacular,dramatic and dynamic climaxes and keen interest in symphony programme music.

Anexample of visual work from 1800 in the romantic style that respondsto industrial revolution is the Coalbrook dale by night.The piece of art done in 1801 by Phillip James is a painting showingthe newly industrialized Shropshire village in Western England.Phillip uses contrast to bring out the raging blaze from the factoryin a rustic landscape with an idyllic woodland. The artist’s imageof that particular moment is depicted using dark colors to paint asimple rural inhabitant as the light colors used in the backgrounddisplay industrial flames. The painting reveals a transformationprocess from England’s local economy to an increased one followingindustrial revolution.

Blackslaves used literature and visual arts as a form against slaverythrough the hidden message the pieces of art contained. Blacks wouldfor instance paint a slave beaten ruthlessly by their masterconveying the message that this form of treatment was too brutal forhuman beings. Poems and stories of the torture blacks underwent asslaves were also created to protest openly or secretly againstslavery.


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