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Born Into Brothels Challenges or Barriers Faced by the Children

BornInto Brothels:Challenges or Barriers Faced by the Children

Oneof the challenges is child labor and neglect. The movie depicts ayoung girl used as a house cleaner. She works for another person thatstays in the brothel. Her parents are not alarmed by the fact thatshe is a minor yet working. This is because many mothers in thebrothels neglect their children. In Calcutta, most prostitutes givebirth to children they deem unnecessary. Thus, these children aredisregarded and not loved. They become absolute slaves in theenvironment where they stay. The girl employed as an illustration inthe film is forced to complete housework and cook upon request. Attimes, she works late in the night.

Choicesmade by young adults in contemporary American society, like teenagepregnancy, resemble the young photographers’ challenges. Mostteenage pregnancies are unwanted resulting in the birth of unwantedchildren. Similarly, the majority of the young photographers areunwanted by their prostitute mothers. The children lack people todefend them from child labor. They also lack people to cater fortheir needs as they are mostly neglected. Teenage pregnancy arisesfrom premarital sexual conduct, which is a bad choice. Theconsequence is unwanted pregnancies, which negatively affects thelife of the mothers and children born.

Secondis the challenge of dealing with family members that are addicted todrug abuse. In most instances, the family members are the parentsexpected to take care of their children. One of the boy’s fatherheavily abuses cannabis. As a result, the boy’s mother left him,abandoning even her children. The children are compelled to work tolook after the father. Due to drug addiction, parents are incapableof working nor are they competent in parenting. Notably, most of theprostitutes use drugs, probably to numb their feelings from the dailystruggles they face. Children are exposed to these drugs at an earlyage, and with no counsel have to decide for themselves whether to usedrugs or not.

Mostyoung adults engage in drug abuse without consideration of thenegative effects of such behavior. For the young photographers, theirparents engaging in drug abuse means that they have to cater fortheir personal desires and of their parents. The film demonstratesthe adverse effects of drug abuse. Drug abuse is a bad choice, forinstance, young adults may end up engaging in behavior that isregretful, involving dropping out of school.

Thirdis poverty, which compels young children to join prostitution uponreaching puberty. The children live in a crowded Indian town and mostdo not attend school. The sequence of poverty and reliance onprostitution is obvious in the film. Individuals are poor henceresort to prostitution to get money. Thus, it is hard for thechildren to get into learning institutions, which implies they alsojoin the commercial sex industry. The children in the film lack asolution to the challenge of poverty. Most end up joining theirmothers in the prostitution business to complement in provision ofbasic needs.

Youngadults in contemporary American society may not face poverty.However, they encounter challenges that compel them to make lifechoices. For example, deciding to do what peers are doing may be abad choice. This is especially when the peers engage in unlawfulconduct like underage drinking. Similarly, the young photographersface poverty, which should not be a reason to join prostitution.Instead, they should make choices that can change their lifestyle.


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