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Budget and Schedule

Budgetand Schedule

Toaccomplish the goal of having a safer pedestrian crossing, it isadvised to have Pedestrian traffic light. Roadcrossing has been an everyday need for everyone of us but at the sametime a hypothetically unsafe activity. There are death casesregarding pedestrian crossing. Additionally, the pedestrian crossing,if not strictly governed, adds up to the traffic on any road. Thus,the need of pedestrian traffic light is a must, most especially areaswithin or near schools. The said paper proposes the installation ofpedestrian traffic lights to lessen the traffic experienced on thecampus and also to provide the students more security upon crossingthe road. (Faria,Krause, &amp Krause, 2010 de Castella, 2013 Strydom &ampMavroulidou, 2009)

Theprojected schedule of the project begins with finding the bestsupplier of the said Pedestrian traffic light. It is enough to allota month for the said activity. Once there is a prospect seller of thegadget, it will be purchased. Then the delivery may take up at mostone month, safe for an assumption. The installation will took up toone week. This includes the trial run of the facility. The next day,it is ready to be used.

Thepeople that should be hired in this project will be the individualswho will install the said pedestrian traffic light and an individualwho will maintain the said facility. The one who will maintain thefacility is not necessary be present everyday so his salary will bejust as need. It is safe to assume that the maintenance crew willcheck the facility one a week. Then for emergency purposed, mostespecially when there arise a defect on the gadget, he’ll becalled.

Thesalary of the individuals who will install the pedestrian trafficlight is expected to be between $300-$500. These individuals can be ateam, depending on the necessity of the installation. Regarding themaintenance employee, his expertise will be paid once his service isacquired. $30 for every consultation will be his salary. So if hisduty will be once a week, then every month, his salary would be $120.In a year basis, $1440. Add up an assumption of one emergency duty inone month, that is another $ 360 per year. Thus, the wage of thisindividual would be around $1800 per year.(Simunovic, Grgurevic, &amp Skrinjar, 2010)

Thecost of buying the pedestrian traffic light will be the biggestexpenses for this project. That will cost between $1000-$5000.(Departmentof Transportation &amp Environmental Services, n.d.)

Thisentire project is expected to be completed after 9 weeks after thefirst move. It can also be expected to be shorter if the time offinding the supplier and the delivery would be shortened. In summary,the following is the schedule of the project



Finding a supplier

1 month

Delivery of the item

1 month


1 week





Pedestrian Traffic Light


Maintenance crew


Installation Team






Table 2

Thebudget for this project is ranging between $3100 to $7300 on thefirst year. In the succeeding years, the cost of the maintenance isjust the expected expenses of the project. It would also be better toassume an amount (noted as contingency) for emergency purposes. Thiswill include instances wherein the facility need troubleshooting e.g.parts of the gadget needs to be replaced, etc.


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