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Celia, A Slave

Celia,A Slave

‘Celia,A slave’ was the story of Celia who fought back slavery by killingRobert, her master, who had raped her repeatedly. Celia grewresentful because her masters mistreated her and the Newsom’sresented her because their father raped her, instead of beingresentful of their father. Celia had resorted to killing Robertbecause the justice system, which was supposed to protect the AfricanAmerican community, was corrupt and she would not have obtainedjustice through the system. The story highlighted the plight of theblack community and the hypocrisy of the justice system. The storyalso shows the crimes committed by the whites and their ability tocover up by knowing that no one would believe the black community.

Thebook shows the historical problems faced by African Americans, byhighlighting the story of a girl who broke the rules by doing whatseemed impossible. Celia’s murdering of Robert indicated thebeginning of the struggle for emancipation of the African Americancommunity and the role of fighting back so as to receive recognition.The story also told the real story of the oppression that AfricanAmericans suffered and the fact that they had to remain silentbecause the justice system was biased. The book also highlighted thehypocrisy of the white community in the form of the Newsom’s, whohated Celia for their father’s actions instead of hating theirfather, who had violated Celia.

Theauthor used real life testimonies to write the story. The story was areal life collection of a young girl who faced problems in the handsof her white master. The author traced the story of Celia, who wasthe face of the struggle of African Americans during the slaveryperiod. The writer also used narrations and oral literaturetechniques to deliver the story on the struggles of the blackcommunity. The book is an emotional story of a young girl who facedmistreatment due to her race. The most notable factor about the bookis the fact that it vividly described the story of Celia, who was theface of the struggle of the African American society. The author alsocombined the system’s discrimination with the life of Celia, toindicate that slavery was an institutionalized vice.

Thestory followed the life of Celia, a slave girl who worked for theNewsom’s. The story was about social injustices in the South at atime when slavery was common and accepted. The Newsom’s mistreatedCelia and she fought back. Robert sought to subdue her and set thebasis for slave- master relations by raping her. Robert thenconcealed his actions and Celia could not uncover what she hadexperienced as this would only draw more condemnation. Celiastruggled with the issue as she tried to obtain justice, but none wasforthcoming. Meanwhile, Robert continued raping her to satisfy hissexual desires and subdue her.

Celiabecame romantically involved with a fellow slave on the farm and sherevealed her ordeal to him as she had no way of obtaining justice andthe rapes were hurting her. She told her boyfriend about the ordealso that she could free her soul. However, her boyfriend only becamedistressed as he could not help her either. One night, when Robertcame to rape Celia, she hit him repeatedly with a blunt object untilshe killed him, then she burnt him. She then ran away from theplantation and this set the grounds for thorough manhunt. Celia waseventually arrested and sentenced in court, despite her pleas formercy. While in jail, Celia tried to escape and was killed.

Thestrength of the story was in its vivid description of events, whichare useful in creating mental images. For example, the author vividlydescribed the murder of Robert by Celia and how she burnt him. Thebook also combined the roles of the justice and social systems inslavery. This was an elaborate way of showing how slavery wassustained, despite the illusion that the justice system had beenreformed to eradicate slavery. The book’s weakness was in the waythe themes of the book highlighted the usual plight of slaves in thehistory of America. The book did not give a new dimension to thehistory of slavery and had an obvious ending of the slave beingsubdued by the system in the end. The story had not real sense oftriumph over slavery as Celia faced the inadequacies of the system.

Inconclusion, ‘’ was a book about the slave period inAmerica and the problems faced by slaves. The book followed the reallife story of a slave who fought back the mistreatment of slaves bykilling Robert, her aggressor and her master. Robert was in the habitof raping Celia and since she could not obtain justice, Celia killedRobert and burnt him. She was finally arrested and jailed. She,however, tried to escape, but was murdered. The book’s strength wasin the vivid description of events.