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Changing a Promotion System

Changinga Promotion System

Changinga Promotion System

Theproblem with the Commercial Sales Division (CSD) is the promotionstrategy they implement. Tom Caldwell is an excellent sales associatewith 17 years of experience in Bioglass Inc. It is evident that Tomdeserves better working conditions because of his efforts. The casestudy notes that he has established a large and loyal clientele whileworking as a sales associate. The company has rewarded his efforts bypromoting his to the highest sales associate in the company’scorporate ladder. The promotion to a first-entry manager was howeverunsuccessful since Tom did not deliver as expected. It is clear thatTom is not cut out for a managerial position due to poor managerialskills. The company thus suffers from pleasing employees at theexpense of the company’s progress. Such a promotion strategy mayprove costly for the company.

Theproblem in Bioglass Inc’s promotion system is that it givespriority to their employees whenever a position is open. Forinstance, the company insists on maintaining Tom in his new positionregardless of his obvious incompetence. Their decision lies only onthe fact that Tom was a good sales associate. In addition, theemployee that took over Tom’s sales associate position isperforming poorly. It is clear that both employees were morecompetent in their previous workstations. However, they were notready to carry out the requirements of their new jobs. Rather thancover up for these incompetence, the company should reinstate the twoemployees to their initial positions and increase their compensation.This will ensure high productivity at all levels since the employeescan deliver quality services. Respecting each position is essentialsince individuals have different talents. Allowing an employee toexercise his capability for the good of the company is beneficial toboth the company and the employees. Further, the employees shouldgain the required training for occupying higher positions beforebeing promoted. This will determine whether the employees are able toshoulder the responsibilities of a higher position prior topromotion. It will also prepare the employees for the tasks henceincreasing their chances of success in their new positions. In caseswhere a vacancy comes up before the employees gain the necessaryskills to fill the positions, it is necessary to consider thecompetence of all applicants objectively and employ the bestcandidate. Lastly, the company should avoid trying to impress theemployees at the expense of the company’s success. Implementingtransparency and open communication channels will also help thecompany engage the other employees in the decision making process(Tapomay, 2008).

Ingeneral, performance appraisal is an important factor in internalselection decisions. For instance, performance appraisal helpsemployers to determine the capabilities of their employees in theircurrent positions. This in turn forms the basis of employee trainingand development as it cites the employee’s strengths andweaknesses. The appraisals aid the internal selection process byvalidating the employee’s competence. It forms the basis of therecruitment, promotion, and transfer decisions as it allows employersto maximize on their employee’s capabilities. It also helpsemployees by guaranteeing them proper rewards for their work withinthe company. Performance appraisals are especially crucial when acompany is considering promotions, transfers, and layoffs. In thesecases, performance appraisals are more relevant since they lead tothe validity of a decision. The appraisals enhance transparency,honesty, and justice within the company (Tapomay, 2008).


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