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Children and Mobile Devices


Childrenand Mobile Devices

Childrenand Mobile Devices

Inmodern day life, electronic gadgets and IT devices have become partof the modern day life. It is impractical to avoid these gadgetssince they are a part of the modern way of living. Of the maindevices that have revolutionized the way people live and communicateare the smart mobile devices. The use of smart phones has beencommunication, but due to technological advances, their use has beenextended to limitless abilities. A person can use the devices toachieve more than just communicate they are used to connect to theworld with almost all the abilities of a computer. Therefore, parentswill keep their children from smart phones and other smart mobiledevices at their own peril.

Tounderstand the situation, I took an interview and engaged my friendsby asking them questions. For instance, I asked them the question“if you do not have any Electronicproductsfor one day, what will you do?” All the answers they gave on thisquestion leads to the conclusion that much time is wasted when usingsmart phones either iPhone or iPad everyday. In a further interviewwith friend about the ideas of using mobile devices, many indicatedthat they cannot avoid the devices even for a period of ten minutes.They said that they are always spending their day time on theirmobile phone to checking the messages. Therefore I conclude thatjust like the adults, children should also be allowed to live themodern life of using smart phones.

However,the interview reviewed to me that the limitless abilities to connectto the world and share can be misused by people especially the youngones. This is because young people use smart phones for habits thatare not friendly to their educational and learning needs. This is myfriends indicated that they would not let their children haveaddictive phone habits. For some of my friends who are parents, theywould not allow the use of smart phones to children, especiallybefore they are 10 years old. Furthermore, they think that it isdifficult to measure how long they should let their children to usethe electronic devices. They also think people should let ourchildren spend much more time doing other things like some volunteerwork and reading.

Thesurvey done by the Washington Post confirms this opinion. Just likethe interview, the survey found out that excessive use of electronicdevices has positive and negative influences on young people. Inaddition, the survey shows that even very young people have beenexposed to both positive and negative impacts of the devices. TheWashington Post survey indicated that seven out of ten children,younger than eight use mobile devices. This indicates the risk forchildren’s eyesight.

Inopposing the use of mobile devices by children, my friends arguedthat teenagers should spend more time to study instead of wastingtime to play Smartphone games. That is why they maintain that thechildren’s world should not have the mobile phone. They argue thatit is bad for their physicaland mental health.In a TV research, it is indicated that six out of ten children watchTV every day. In agreement with these arguments, I feel that childrenshould spend more time reading books and studying academics.Therefore, I absolutely support that we should not let our childrenspend much time with smart devices.

Inmy experience at the age of16 years when there were no smart deviceslike the iPhone or iPad, but just NOKIA. Despite not being advancedlike today, I was disciplined by using mobile devices after classwork. Therefore, I will not let my children play mobile devices sinceI will base them from inspiration of own experiences.

Inconclusion, parents should not let children use mobile devices whenthey are substituted for beneficial academic and educational time.However, they should allow them to use the devices for beneficialpurposes that will shape their future. This is because of theconvenience that the devices bring despite the negative effects foryoung children. The solution to the issue is for parents to leadyoung children to spend more time in their education and use mobiledevices only when needed.