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Collective bargaining




Acollective bargaining process is a process that involves employer’srepresentatives and employee’s representatives in negotiationsaimed at seeking an agreement on the terms and conditions ofemployment (Najita &amp Stern, 2008). It is imperative to point outthat the employees are normally represented through trade unions orlabor organizations. A collective bargaining process ends up with theresult of a collective bargaining agreement, largely known as theCBA. The CBA can be in two forms substantive or proceduralagreements. Procedural agreements are aimed at dealing with therelationship between individual and group employees with themanagement, as well as provide avenues and means of resolvingdisputes that may arise (Najita &amp Stern, 2008). The substantiveagreement on the other hand deals with matters relating to basic pay,working hours, holiday entitlement and overtime compensation.

Thecollective bargaining process has been instrumental in dealing withdisputes that arise at the work place between employees and themanagement. The criminal justice employees are entitled to thecollective bargaining process and should participate in the process(Peak, 2012). The employees must have representatives who cannegotiate their terms of work just as the private sector employeesare represented. In this case, however, the representatives of thecriminal justice employees will be negotiating with the governmentwhich is the employer. It is evident that a majority of criminaljustice employees work under extremely hard conditions such as thehardships that police officers go through (Peak, 2012). It is alsoevident that the criminal justice employees are subjected to lowsalaries due to the lack of a collective bargaining process. Acollective bargaining process for the criminal justice employeeswould ensure that the employees earn a reasonable pay and thatdisputes at the workplace are resolved appropriately andprocedurally. It is however, vital for the collective bargainingprocess for the criminal justice employees to be controlled to avoidinstances where the employees can down their tools. It is clearlyevident that the criminal justice employees provide essentialservices of ensuring peace, law and order among the people.


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