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Musicand Marketing

Musicis considered as a multifunctional tool used for various purposes.Since time immemorial, people have used music as a tool ofcommunication, learning, entertainment, religion, and personalsatisfaction. In such a perspective, it is possible to relate orlines of profession with certain kinds of music that we listen. Mymajor course is marketing and I believe that several genres of musicthat can be associated with marketing. This essay seeks to identify the kind of music that can be related to marketing and the specificaspects that can be associated with marketing.

Marketingis a branch under business that is mainly concerned withcommunication. In marketing, marketers use various methods incommunicating information to consumers on the quality andspecifications of a new or existing commodity. Each business hasvarious types of doing marketing such as media, promotions,networking, follow-ups, among many other methods. However, the solepurpose of marketing is attaining more profits by reaching out toconsumers. When an individual is being trained to become a marketer,there are various techniques that they need to apply in attainingtheir objectives for the product or service that they are marketing.This means that they need to incorporate several other methods inmaking sure that their goals have been attained in reaching out totheir consumer for the product or service that they are marketing.For example, when a marketer is running a promotion, he or sherequires incorporating the media in informing the public on thepromotion being undertaken. Most importantly, the way in which themarketer has communicated the information matters most in determiningthe population that will positively receive the information. Thistherefore means that communication is key regardless of the mediumand the technique in which the marketer is using to reach theconsumers. From the description of marketing, it is evident thatmarketing has various elements that are incorporated in achieving theobjectives of the marketer in reaching the consumer.

Operais a genre of music that has been in existent since the 17thcentury in which its composers were trying to incorporate music andpoetry. Opera is a genre of music which is acted on stage withsingers, dancers, and actors and instrumentalists. In thepreparation of an opera, there is an original author who writes up astory. The librettist puts the composed story into poetic verses,which can be set into music. Architects will design the opera houseand acousticians will design the performers of the opera. In thepreparation of an opera, there will also be the producer and musicalstaff who will be entirely involved in creating a final presentationof the music. However, opera can also take different forms where asong can be acted or poem acted depending on the objectives of theproducer and the audience needs. Regardless of the opera, there isalways a story that the producer needs to communicate throughactions, dance, costumes, and lyrics that are being used in theopera. This therefore means that regardless of the combination oftactics used, there is information that is being communicated and theeffectiveness of its outcome will largely depend on how the producerhas well organized the performers (Riggs43).

Thereare various similarities between the elements found in opera andelements found in marketing in business. First is the objectivityfound in both the opera and marketing. In opera, the producer hasspecific information that requires comprehension by the audience,which is in most cases realized at the end. This means that theaudience never has a clue on the information that is being passed on,but as the scenes unfold, the audience gets to understand what isbeing communicated (Riggs51).Similarly, a marketer has some specific objective of reaching theconsumer and passing on certain information on a product or service.Just like people performing an opera, a marketer creates scenes wherehe or she has to drive the information for full comprehension by theconsumer. In addition, the attainment of the objectives by both themarketer and producer in the opera are highly dependent on theeffectiveness of unfolding of scenes through the performance. If theproducer of the opera does not connect the audience through thescenes, it is unlikely that the objective of the opera will beattained. The marketer has also the responsibility of beingconsistent when giving information about a product or service inorder to attain the objectives that he or she has set.

Theelement of cooperation is also important when it comes to both operaperformance and marketing. Just like how a marketer cannot attain themarketing objectives solely, it is also impossible for a producer ofan opera to attain his or her objectives without incorporating theefforts of others. In an opera, a story is first composed, and thenlyrics, actors, dancers, among other individuals incorporated inmaking the piece likable and entertaining to the audience. Similarly,the success of a marketing program is largely dependent on the howthe marketer incorporates the efforts of the media, mode of reachingthe audience the funds channeled towards the program, among otherarms that highly determine the success of the marketing program.Therefore, both the opera and marketing have to include the effortsof several others in attaining the goals intended by both theproducer of the opera and the marketer.

Balanceis also an element that is shared by both marketing and opera. InOpera, minimal error is expected when balancing music, acting,dancing, and instruments. Each set of characters in an opera requiresarticulate performance that goes along with the theme intended by theproducer. This means that any exaggeration or underperformance by theset of characters puts the objectives of the opera at risk (Riggs63). Similarly, a marketer has to ensure that a balance has beenmaintained in the content of and reliability of the information beingpassed to the consumers. This is because a marketer can overrate aproduct, which in the real sense does not fit into the category thatthe marketer is placing it. Therefore, both the opera producer andthe marketer always ensure a balance in the aspects involved incontributing to their opera or marketing initiative.

Thereare also notable differences between opera and marketing. One of suchdifferences is the formality in the presentation of opera and theformality in undertaking a marketing initiative. In the opera, thereis a specific format where a story has to be created, lyrics,created, dances performed, and several other activities undertaken inmaking an opera successful. This means that such activities will haveto be carried out for a performance to be described as an opera.Conversely, marketing can take different forms depending on theobjectives of the marketer and the organization at large. Forexample, if a marketer has been given a task of marketing a brandname for a pen, there is no specific formality to be used. Themarketing of the brand name will take the course determined by themarketer based on the target market, budget of the marketinginitiative, among other factors that deem important for the marketern making the initiative successful. The other notable difference isthe adaptation to change for both the opera and marketing. Since theintroduction of the opera music, the underlying function has alwaysbeen music, poetry, and acting. Even though other elements have beenintroduced, these three elements remain to be the core ones and anyperformance done without these cannot be termed as an opera. On theother hand, marketing is ever changing where marketers use differentelements in making information reach the intended consumers.

Insummation, it is possible to relate music and a line of profession.As a potential marketer, it is possible to relate the aspects used inmarketing to opera. Opera is a staged performance of music that isacted. With various characters in singing, dancing, and acting, operaserves the purpose of communication through entertainment. Similarly,marketing involves getting together the various elements that areimportant in driving information to the intended consumers. However,both opera and marketing differ in that marketing and its variouselements are subject to change while opera remains specific with theelements that define it.


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