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Communicable Diseases


1.What is a communicable disease?A disease that has the capacityof spreading from one individual to another, or that can spread froman animal to an individual (Webber and Roger 28).2. What twoterms are commonly used to describe a communicabledisease?Contagious and infectious3. Why do some diseaseshave to be reported within 24 hours? Name three of thosediseases.Some diseases have to be reported within 24 hours inorder to prevent their spread such diseases include anthrax, WestNile Virus, poliomyelitis, and plague.4. Name three ways thatcommunicable diseases are transmitted between humans?Throughairborne virus, bacteria, and through bodily fluids, including blood(Webber and Roger 88).5. Who should report a communicabledisease? Who is notified with each report?A health careprovider should report communicable diseases the local healthdepartment is notified with every report.6. Statistics ofcommunicable disease outbreaks are commonly published in theMMWR(Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report) by the CDC. What ismortality andwhat is morbidity? Mortality describes the stateof being susceptible to death, while morbidity describes the state ofa person, or the incidence of a given an illness in a population.7.Go to the CDC website and find the MMWR current topic for this weekand write it below.

Thetopic is Diseases &amp conditions8. Question about Malariaa)Organism that causes Malaria:

Plasmodiumparasiteb) Two characteristics(motility, size ,shape, anaerobic,etc)of the organism:

Theyhave a complex life cycle and reproduce sexuallyc) Threedifferent signs/symptoms of the disease:

Fever,sweats, chills, and headaches (Packard 42)d) Incubation time(before first symptoms):

Thisusually varies for Plasmodium falciparum, it is 9-14 days. ForPlasmodium vivax and ovale, it is 12-18 days, while for Plasmodiummalariae is 18-40 days (Packard 59).f) Three possible tests toidentify the organism and diagnose a patient (Think about the way wetested in unknown lab.

PCRtest, drug resistance testing, and serology testf) Routeof exposure:The route of exposure is through a bite of aninfected mosquitog) Time allowed to report it for a health careprovider:

Immediately,when one diagnoses any sign of malariah) Two possibletreatment options:

Usingantimalarial medications and using intravenous injections (Packard64)


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