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Company and Product Marketing Study


Companyand Product Marketing Study

Companyand Product Marketing Study


Nikeis an international clothing company with an international label thatis engaged in global manufacturing of footwear and design. Thecompany is a multinational with market presence globally andheadquartered in Oregon, United States. Nike is an internationalbrand that specializes in the designing, branding and distribution ofcloth ware and footwear. Its business success has been in the fieldof marketing its products in the sporting field and internationaldominance as a label, Nike.

Themain market target for nike is the sporting lovers and young peoplewho desire classy and popular label of clothing. The company focusedits business on the target market at a worldwide net, which led tothe establishment of global marketing and production locations (Nike,2014). The company’s main focus was to establish global dominancein the cloth and footwear and securing expansive endorsements in themain sectors. To establish itself in the world as a brand andmaintain profitability, Nike settled on two main strategies costleadership and marketing differentiation.

Theuniqueness and simplicity of Nike’s logo make it one of the mostrecognized and popular logos in the world. Created in 1971, the logois a swoosh tick with a word nike on it, followed by a very inspiringcompany slogan “Just Do It.” The color of the swoosh logo dependson the color of the cloth wear and footwear that the logo is beingembedded into. The color ranges from white, black and red as thefootwear and cloth ware colors varies. The swoosh meaning originatesfrom the Greek sign of a goddess and marked as a sign of success. Thelogo has been part of the company’s marketing success and it is asign of the great label loved by nike customers.

IntegratedMarketing Systems of Apple

Appleuses different marketing methods to attain its sole goal of creatingmodern gadgets and covering extensive market share. The Company sellsits information technology products worldwide through its retailstores, direct sales, third-party partnerships, online stores,resellers, and value-added resellers. For example, the company hasestablished a solid marketing partnership with Nike, to develop andsell the tech product nike+iPod, (discussed below). The interestingpartnership marketing package sells nike product with apple products,to their target market which are related.

Additionally,the Company sells a variety of computers, the Macintosh, iPhones aswell as the iPod, which has compatible products, applications andsoftware as well as digital content (Apple, 2014). As a result of the company’s integrated marketing operations, Apple has extensiveexpansion in the U.S. and in international markets with 273 storesopen as of September 26, 2009 (Apple, 2014). For example, the companyopens new stores in the U.S and world market every year to fulfil itstarget.

Thecompany has further enhanced reseller sales through the Apple SalesConsultant Program. Apple has reported for revolutionarytechnological advancements and sales in iPhone with nearly 40% ofsales from the United States customers only (Apple, 2014). Forexample, the company advertises and invites resellers from all overthe world.

Thecompany’s market covers a global market of over 80 countriesthrough its direct channel and multi-year agreements signed withdifferent cellular network companies authorizing them to sell andsupply cellular network support and services for iPhones. Thecompany’s consumer and customer base include individuals, small andmid-sized business, educational institutions, governments, largecorporations and general creative customers (Apple, 2014). Forinstance, the company markets its iTunes products to young people andcollege students through musical adverts.

ProductAnalysis: Nike+ iPod Sport Kit

Fora customer, the best companion for exercises, workouts is here, fromtwo world giants Nike and Apple. Developed and branded as anactivity tracker, the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit is a device that measuresand records the pace as well as the distance a person walks or runs.It is a high tech device with a transmitter device attached to theshoe of the runner. The device transmits to a nike receiver in aniPod, a nike+ sports brand or to a 2ndgeneration iPod or even higher. Released by the two companies, Nikeand Apple in 2010 the gadget uses applications that apply GPS of theiPhone. To the delight of their target market, the application usedis free from the Apple’s App Store. According to the officialpicture from Apple (2014), this is the package

Asa customer, this product guarantees a healthy body when usedalongside your normal workouts. It’s good to be informed what ishappening in your body, no matter the complexity of the activity youare engaged in. Therefore, you deserve to know the progress of yourexercises and work out, to evaluate your progress. This solutionwould not come better than this from the world’s most trustedbrands in sports and safe technology.

Nike+iPod Sport Kit is unique and first of its kind due to the creativeand innovative strength of the companies behind it. Despite thecompetitors, the product is superior. The competitors are MiCoachTraining Gadgets from Addidas, FitBit Flex, Striiv Play, GarminVivofit and Jawbone UP24.

Explanationof Marketing and Advert Terms

  • Extended self: The relationship between ourselves and our possessions is known as the extended self which means that people are what they own.

Anexample of an advert by an insurance company as a companion to abusiness venture, as the insurance service protects what the businessowns.

  • Influence of celebrity: Celebrities are used to influence their fans to buy certain products which the celebrated icons have endorsed.

Nikeused sports celebrities such as Kobe Bryant to endorse its productssuch as sneakers to his fans.

  • Verbalizers: invoke the power of human beings to get attention from unique verbal instincts.

Useof verbal styles of a cartoon to market the energizer battery workedwell with the audience.

  • Affiliations: This strategy involves people who place strong emphasis on gaining friends and maintaining close relationships and belonging to groups (Mink et al. 2014).

Advertisementby Facebook targets the importance of connecting with friends andforming social groups.

  • Achievements: this strategy invokes the desire of people who want to stand out, and do better than others.

Forexample, an advert for Coca-Cola of coke zero, that anything ispossible, and drinking coke makes a person feel an achiever.

  • Family influence on consumer behavior: this strategy invokes the behavior and values parents teach their children and continuously reinforce as they grow are the ones that will guide them through their teens and into adulthood.

Forexample, an advertisement for a bank’s junior account can featurethe parent’s advice, to mean that the saving culture develops fromthe parent to the child.

  • The influence of an E-gatekeeper: this advert strategy involves use of direct and indirect electronic data providers who influence customers to take action.

  • High influence: invokes trust that people have on those in respectable positions.

Forexample, the ad by a real estate company using a business leader inreal estate giving an endorsement for a property.

  • Utilitarian function of attitude: this invokes the human effect that makes an individual yield to another person or groups of influence to gain recognition and reward or avoid punishment (Mink et al. 2014).

Forexample, an advert for a bank requesting its customers to formbanking groups.

  • The &quotID&quot: unconscious controls our biological drives of hunger, sex, and self- preservation it is with us from birth the purpose is to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Theadvert for a country advertising itself to attract more of itsinvestors to come from the locals and not from outsiders.

  • Attention stimulus: Involves the liking that people have.

Forexample, an advert for Pets will us the admiration that children haveon pets.

  • Figure and ground: invokes the aspect of people to respect natural elements

Forexample, an advert for the national geographic channel, urging peopleto love natural occurrence and phenomenon.

  • Closure principle: this advertising strategy invokes that customers will complete what they deem to be incomplete.

Forexample, an advert for a Smartphone would advise the customer tocomplete his or her world by upgrading from the old phones to newsmart devices.

  • Similarity: This advertising strategy invokes the desire by a customer to identify with a group similar merchandise such as a merchandise section.

Forinstance, in a shopping mall, a poster advertising shoe polish willbe placed in the shoes section of the merchandise.

  • Discomfort to Buy: The company adopts a strategy that promotes a stimulus that creates a discomfort that motivates customers to buy.

Forexample, an advert for baby diapers, creates the need to buy byinvoking the discomfort that babies without quality diapers feel.

  • Maslows hierarchy: many adverts are inspired by the four segments of Maslow`s Hierarchy. According to Mink et al (2014), these levels are

  • Physical need, which are survival needs like water, food, and clothing.

Anadvert would indicate the physical and physiological benefits andimportance of consuming the product. For example, Advert for juiceillustrating the nutritional content by showing health kids who drinkthe juice.

  • Safety and security needs such as, a safe house for living

Anadvert for a padlock like Multi-lock would urge the customer to mindthe safety of their property, by buying the brand of padlock.

  • Social belongingness needs, such as belonging to a family or a group.

TheAustralian postmaster, Australia Post invoked this need and ran anadvert showing that the best way to make a person feel loved is towrite him or her a letter

  • Self-esteem needs that focus on a person’s actualization and status

TheAustralian postal company ran another advert advising users topersonalize their post, by involving a smart lady admiring herself inthe mirror.

  • The use of significant information about a product`s benefits to appeal to the cognitive element of attitude. The customer is invoked from the cognitive element of attitude of what customers know from seeing, reading, or experienced concerning an object. An advert invokes the basis of the customer’s beliefs about the product.

  • For example, an advert for the National Geographic channel challenging people to understand their nature by seeing and experiencing the wild on TV.


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