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Company with Strong Culture


Companywith Strong Culture

Besidesthe basic performance of an organization, companies are distinguishedfrom other entities by the way they do things (Flamholtzet al, 2011).The culture of an organization evolves with time and is mostlyinfluenced by the executive management. This paper investigates astrong culture case of Apple and a weak culture case of BP OilCompany.


Apples’sculture has had a powerful impact in business world today. Thecompany has risen above the strife making it become a market leader.Most of the competitors look upon Apple for inspiration where theytarget at adopting the practices in order to improve their owncompanies. The company has a slew of ‘graduates’ who have takenthe culture and strategies of the company to other companies makingits innovation be adopted by other corporations.

Appleis among the most successful corporations in the world. Steve Jobshad instilled a long term design culture in the company. This makesit stand out from other traditional companies which do not havedesign culture. For apple design form the most important component ofthe business. Steve jobs had believed that when the leader isconversant with the design, it becomes easy for the other people tofollow suit.

Thedesign reports to the CEO directly. This makes Apple probably theonly company whose design reports to the CEO. This worked since Stevewas a systems designer and thinker who simplified complexity. Also,only a small team does the product design. The number is relativelysmaller compared to that form other companies that have huge groupsof people in the design team. The small team ensures high qualityproducts. Other cultures that make Apple to stand out include thedesigners making the design decisions, doing of the pixel-perfectmockups and availability of paired design meetings among others.These makes the company stands out my using their innovations to meetthe expectations of their customers (Fiordelisi etal, 2013).

Onthe other hand, BP Oil Company can be considered to have a very weakcorporate culture. The company has been linked with the leaking oilwell in Louisiana coast. The disaster has seen million of oil spillsin water. The terrible thing is that this happened five years agowhen the BP oil exploded at Gulf of Mexico. According to AndrewHopkins, the most terrible thing is when bad things happen time andagain but companies are not ready to learn, hence no control measuresput in place to prevent recurrence of the same mistake. These wereexplicit qualities of the leaders in BP. The managers overrode theconcern of saving money at the expense of drilling operations. Thisand many others reflect how weak a culture can be and the harm it cancause to an organization. The BP Company is still under recovery fromthe weak corporate culture.


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