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Computer Crime


Prosand cons accompany technology usage, even as it advances in usage inthe world. Most transactions, for example, are now going online withthe promise to make life and transactions easier and better for bothparties involved in the transaction. However, cybercrimes are in theincrease thereby affecting many people and transactions. Take forexample, boosters are professional criminals, who carefully plan andskillfully execute thefts in and direct their attention to costlyitems that can easily turn into cash with arrangement with the“fence”. Here, “fence” stands for a dealer in stolen items.On the same note, “shadow” professionals in the book representindividuals who in an avocational manner supplement their legitimateincomes by stealing (Hagan 473). In the internet, such kinds ofpeople exist, who plan skillfully on ways to tap transactions thatinvolve huge amount of money to their advantage, and affect manypeople. It is however, frustrating and disturbing that such crimes gounpunished sometimes for “excuses and normal force” account bythe police. The police deny the responsibility for an action eventhough they recognize its inappropriateness, thus fail to punish theperpetrators as per their crime.

However,it is important for the police to use situational justifications offorce while his/her physical authority is in threat. This isespecially fascinating based on the fact that crime is skillfullyplanned before execution, and thus the planners would do anything intheir power to ensure that the plan goes through. This includes usingforce when they are caught, and will tend to use force against thepolice to evade arrest. The total economic loss of crime is verydisturbing because billions of shillings are lost each year becauseof crime. From the system cost, to mental health of victims who mighthave to search for mental health services after losing money over theinternet, all these costs are getting overwhelmingly high by theyears.

Whatis still unclear is the reason why the society gives the police theright to apply force in the fight against crime, but fail to giveadequate directions as to how to apply the force in “real life”situations. This means that the police will use force undercircumstances that are morally, practically and legally ambiguous.Epilogue seams to overwhelm the police department, since many peoplestill fall victim of the crime. In this case, some individuals writevery attractive messages that appeal to innocent people to send themtheir personal details. These imposters will then use these detailsto steal from the victim (Hagan 481). This topic is of great interestto me because the future of our economy and the rest of the worldseem to be headed to an online thing. This means that if it becomeseasy to steal from an individual by use of a forged message, manymore people are still likely to fall victim of the same.

Itis however, it is unbelievable that some people commit cybercrime forfun. Sometimes, people are enlightened by the approaches that policetake to reduce the rate of crime. For instance, the phrase “War onCybercrime” does raise curiosity to people who have not engaged inthe act before, thus the individual may purpose to attempt and engagein to the act. It is the economic slump that has led to these kindof crimes.


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