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Computer Technology in Law Enforcement Abstract

ComputerTechnology in Law Enforcement



Lawenforcement units and courts have made advanced technologies in crimedetection and prevention. The past technologies mainly used weremainly aviation technology such as use of planes and helicopters andbiometrics. The new computer technologies involve use of crimelights, in-car camera systems, graffiti cameras, thermal imaging,lasers, language translators, less-lethaltechnologies diagrammingsystems and global positioning system. It enables the responding of acrime activity in a very short time possible and transfer ofinformation efficiently over a longer distance. This paper involvesthe research on both past and present technology.



Inthe past, technology used in law enforcements or police departmentsincluded planes and helicopters which acted to save resources andtime. It was used in searching for a missing person and doing asurvey of a scene (Murray,2010).


Thisis the technology which used the physical features or behavior of aperson to identify it. The methods used included identification offingerprints, face, voice, iris, signature and handwritings to detectthe criminals (Portela&amp Cunha, 2010).

Body ArmorThiswas used to protect a criminal investigation officer or police frominjury or death through protection from gun and rifle ammunitions,knife stabs and other sharp weapons (Portela &amp Cunha, 2010).Theprotective vests was mainly used and was composed of ballistic andstab resistant armors. &nbspBallistic-resistantarmor protected against penetration from bullets and trauma frombullet impact. Stab-resistant armors protected against knives andspikes.Mapping and Analysis forPublic Safety

Theseincluded the placing of open spaces, buildings and alley, to preventthe chances of occurrence of a crime. The geographical data and theirreports from police were combined and the information was mapped tobe analyzed on where why and how did the crime occur (Murray, 2010).

Detection and SurveillanceTechnologies

Detectionwas used to look for the illicit that were hidden somewhere or inpeople. Surveillance was used to watch spaces, people and movementsand activities for illegitimate activities. These were used tomonitor crimes and maintain safety of courts and public areas andSWAT or special weapons and tactics team operations (Thomas &ampLoader, 2000).



Thisis used to detect the fibers, body fluids at the scene of crime andhair to process the crime scene faster and in all places.

In-CarCamera Systems

Thisis used by recording the video footage of an event on the publicinside a patrol car and has aided in criminal arrest andinvestigation, trainings and traffic stops. The films speak for theofficers.

PhotoEnforcement System technologies

Thesegenerate the red light or feedback on over speeding hence assist toimprove safety of motor vehicle industry and included the following:


Thesetakes the photographs of criminals who vandalizes the properties,notify the law enforcers on current vandalism going on and even warnsthe suspect concerning the action. In addition, it monitors illegaldumping and loitering including crimes.


Ituses the electronic device to produce an image of a surface radiationin electromagnetic thermal in order to identify a fugitive or aperson missing in a very short time. It includes use of models ofwhich are roof-mounted, handheld or spotlighted with a monitor. It isused in the following areas:

  1. Searching for Individuals:&nbsp

Thisinvolves use of thermal imaging devices where the scenes are scanned.It is used to search the dark scenes where crime is going on orsuspects are hiding. In addition it is used to search for hiddenvehicles in various places (Portela&amp Cunha, 2010).

  1. Evidence and Deterrence:&nbsp

Itscans for physical evidence e.g. graves or tires which are notvisible. Proactive imager surveillance allows the scanning of placeswhere people don’t have privacy.

  1. Marijuana Investigations:&nbsp

Thermalimages are used to uncover the marijuana growing operations in termsof history, purchases of devices for use in marijuana processing,information on marijuana odor and purchases of equipments forenhancing growth of marijuana.

CriminalInvestigations Records Systems

Thisaids in extracting information from different records in order tolink crimes to criminals in different ways. These systems use thenames, physical features and vehicle characteristic used in theoffence and included the following.

ElectronicWhite Boards

Thistakes notes in meetings and stores for future reference. In addition,it scans the notes and produces several copies of information foranalysis.


Itis used in law enforcement profession for sharing the photos ofsuspects, records on criminal activities, bulletin, fingerprint, andsurveillance video footages in a short time.


Itis used in fighting terrorisms to determine what is composed of thechemical substance in a very short time. It ascertains the chemicalmakeup of powder.


Itis used to avert language barriers when communicating with a personnot able to understand your language. It tunes to a language requiredand touches the phrase on the touch pads. There is also a desktopwhich translates an officer language to required language. Inaddition internet translations are used.

Less-Lethal Technologies

Less-lethaltechnologies were used by police to combat violence and include useof energy devices like tasers which are the pepper spray, beanbagrounds and stun grenades.


Thescenes where crime took place can be diagrammed in a short time byuse of a scanner which uses a laser and a digital camera to take aphoto of a scene in the original state.


Thetechnology depicts in a graph a scene where a crime occurred andmakes future prediction enabling the patrol direction to the scenes.

ReducingPolice Pursuits

Itis aided by use of GPS. GPS tracks the suspected vehicle hence reducepolice pursuits and leads to arrest of the suspect when not exposedto the public.

Camerasfor K-9 Units

Thistechnology enables the equipping of cameras and a radio system on theK-9 to permit a K-9 handler to keep away from a dangerous point andgiving command and control. This technology enables the easy searchand rescue operation and the searches on dangerous buildings (Thomas&amp Loader, 2000).

AutomaticLicense Plate Recognition technology

Itenables the law enforcements officers to identify license plates in ashift to ascertain if some vehicles are stolen, the owner is soughtor restraint on the driver’s license. It is fixed or mobile onpatrol cars.

GlobalPositioning System

GPStechnology enables stations to get information on which patrol unitis closer to respond to a given emergency. It involves equipment ofportable units on the cars for detection for efficiency (Portela&amp Cunha, 2010).


Theadvanced computer technologies used in the law enforcement agenciesor courts will change the criminal activities if well funded andsupported. It leads to easy apprehension of criminals leading tosafety of the public from harm. In addition, the incorporation ofmodern technology enables the apprehension without harming the publicin easy and cost effective manner.


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