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Conceptual (Theoretical) Framework

Conceptual(Theoretical) Framework

Theresearcher seeks to use statistical hypothesis models to test whetherperformance in schools is indeed affected by two fundamental factors,the enrolment size and the quality of teachers availed to thestudents. The null hypothesis (H0=0) for the population of students’ factor is thatstudents’population size does not affect performance.The nullhypothesis will be tested against the alternative hypothesis(H1&lt0) which states that student population size affects the performanceof students negatively.

Thismeans that should the calculated value return a value less than thevalue from the t statistical tables, then we should reject H0and accept H1.

Thesecond situation will see the hypothesis that quality of teacherswhich will be measured by the annual teacher compensation and thenumber of staff per student in the school. Therefore, the nullhypothesis (H0=0) will be that the quality of teachers affects the students’performance. It will be tested against the alternative hypothesis(H1&gt0) which states that, the quality of teachers does not affect theperformance of students.

Againusing the t statistic, we will reject H0,should the calculated variable turn out to be less than the valuefrom the statistical tables.

Afurther analysis will be carried out to investigate the parameters ona continuous basis. The null hypothesis, (H0= 0) will be that, a diminishing school size will improve the schoolsperformance versus the alternative (H1&lt0), that diminishing school population does not, in any way improvethe performance of students.

Shouldthe calculated variable return a value lesser than that from thestatistical tables, then we should reject H0in favour of H1.