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Thecurrent conflicts being witnessed today cannot be compared to theVietnam conflict due to the various differences that exist indifferent aspects. To start with, the reasons for today’s conflictsdiffer from those of the Vietnam conflict. It is evident that theVietnam conflict was based on communism and capitalism (Faragher etal,2009). Whereas America and its allies advocated for capitalism, othercountries in the east such as china and the northern Vietnamsupported and advocated for communism. On the contrary, today’sconflicts are largely triggered by resources such as land and oil. Arecent example is the standoff between Russia and Ukraine overCrimea. It is also apparent that today’s conflicts are triggered byterrorist activities, which create tensions between differentcountries. Another reason for today’s conflicts such the Iraq andSaudi Arabia invasion is to create democracy. However, it isimperative to note that critics argue that reasons for today’sconflicts are resources such oil (Faragher etal,2009).

Otherdifferences of the Vietnam conflict and the today’s conflicts arethe duration of the combat, scale of military operations, lossesincurred, as well as the role played by the allies to the enemy.Today’s conflicts involve huge and expansive military operationsand the losses incurred are fewer (Daum et al, 2003). Today’sconflicts have experienced few or no protests going against them.Whereas a few groups such as human rights organizations have voicedtheir dissatisfaction with various conflicts, the college anduniversity youths who used to protest in the Vietnam War haveremained silent. It is clear that the voice of the youth who wereextremely vocal in condemning the Vietnam conflict has gone down(Daum et al, 2003). The protestors during the Vietnam conflictcomprised the college and university students, journalists, militaryveterans, lawyers, mothers and the clergy. The protestors did notfind any reason for America’s involvement in the war


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