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Cons of Cloud Computing

Consof Cloud Computing

Consof Cloud Computing

Cloudcomputing refers to the use of computing services or resources, whichare present on a remote machine. These services or resources aredelivered to the end user over a network, like the internet.


Limitedflexibility and control

Usersand organizations or companies have limited control over theexecution and function of the hardware since the applications andservices run on remote virtual environments that are monitored by athird party. Also the remote software being used lacks the featuresof an application that run in local areas.

Possibledowntime and technical difficulties

Thistechnology makes small businesses rely enormously on their internetconnection. When cloud computing is offline, these businesses areforced to be offline. Similarly, often outages are experienced byeven cloud computing service providers that are considered asextremely reliable. Miller (2008) argues that any connectivity ornetwork problems will render the setup useless since it is dependenton internet access.

Securityand privacy issues

Companiesand organizations give away private information and data, which mightbe confidential and sensitive, when they leverage a remote cloudbased infrastructure. Therefore, a cloud service provider’sreliability is enormously crucial since he or she is protect andretain private data and information (Miller, 2008). Similarly, someend users may not be comfortable sharing or giving away their data toa third party.


Mostcloud based solutions are exposed on the public internet hence, theyhave a high likelihood of being vulnerable target for hackers andmalicious users. It is hard to completely secure data or informationon the Internet, even the most secure software sometimes suffers fromsecurity breaches and serious attacks.


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