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Constructivism VS Realism

ConstructivismVS Realism

Duringthe Korean War, Stalin used constructivist evidence to conclude thatthe US would not intervene in the civil war. On many occasions, NorthKorea’s Kim Il-Sung had requested Soviet’s president, Stalin, toauthorize an attack on South Korea. Stalin delayed attacking SouthAfrica from 1945 to 1950 because he reasoned that the United Stateswould be compelled to take military action because its army was stillin the country. On the same note, the US had a reputation ofexecuting its threats. Since the nation had warned North Korea andits allies that it would use military action in case they attackedSouth Korea, this was adequate reason to believe that the US wouldhave executed kept used military power to maintain its militaryreputation. However, in 1950, Stalin used constructivist evidence toassume that the US would not intervene in the South Korean civil war. For example, he reasoned that the US had not intervened in theChinese civil war, and it was not against liberation of Taiwan.China’s constructivist evidence probably convinced Stalin toauthorize an attack to South Korea, which was obviously misinformedsince the US reacted military, as the assailants did not anticipate.

Onthe fight against terrorism, McDonald argues that the success againstcounter-insurgency conflict has reduced in the twentieth centurybecause the military no longer use barbaric means to crippleinsurgents. In case the financiers of the army discover that, thearmy is using barbaric methods to win the fight. In summary, armiessponsored by democratic armies has low success in conqueringcounter-insurgency because the countries rarely use extreme forceneeded to terminate an insurgency.

Accordingto Charlotte, adopting the Hobessian legacy is important becauseHobbe’s state of nature is primarily the origin of the rationalactor myth. This implies that it offers a historical starting pointbefore the open individual model agency.

InCommon-senseConstructivism and Hegemony in World Politics,Hopf argues that the crisis that occurred in the world in 1930sresulted from the fact that the United States did not realize that ithad become the world’s hegemony after the fall of Britain. Onlythe US had the resources and capacity to act as the world’ssuperpower since Britain lacked adequate resources to maintain theposition.

Inthe DelayedRatification: The Domestic Fate of Bilateral Investment Treatiesarticle, the authors contend that some treaties take often take toolong to be implemented because they require modification prior toexecution, which might take long. For example, President George W.Bush signed a free trade agreement with South Korea, Colombia andPanama, but the agreement is still lying in the Congress because itrequires slight modification to make it adoptable in the US.

Onthe other hand, colonialism may cause inter-ethnic conflict.Recently, researchers assert that the transborder ethnic kin (TEK)has been a major cause of ethnic conflict. In many cases, thecolonizing power tends to have inadequate work force to govern thenew territories. As a result, the colonizer often recruits peoplefrom the minority group to supervise the bigger groups. However, incase the colonized party happens to conquer the suppressing nation,the oppressed party would create measures to restrict development ofpeople who collaborate with the oppressing party. There is also vastresearch that has proven that TEK is a common cause of civil war inthe colonies. Researchers claim that colonialism enhances the chancesof a civil war eruption because the colonizers seek to destroyancestral connect.