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Iam a dedicated and patient focused registered nurse with vastexperience in providing in home nursing services and hospital basedcare and treatment services as well. I have worked in diversehealthcare environments that have helped to acquire wide experiencein difference nursing care services.

Igraduated with an associate degree of science in nursing 2012,Rockland Community College, Suffern, New York. Presently, I amattending Grand Canyon University in RN as in am targeting to acquirea Bachelor of Science in Nursing as I am convinced it will improvethe value of services I deliver to clients. I am Registered Nurse(RN) in the state of NJ and NY. Furthermore, I am a member of theAmerican Nurses Association.

Inaddition, I am skilled and certified nurse in ventilator care, basiclife support, NG/Peg tubes, and wound care. I also have exceptionalleadership experience and training skills. During my internship, theprincipal nurse in appointed me to lead my colleagues, as well asteach them basic nursing skills. I am convinced that nursingprofession is naturally in my blood because I developed inspirationsince I was a young girl. My mother was my role model and a nurse aswell. She taught me different patient care plans, some that we didnot cover in our course. The extra knowledge helped me demonstratehigher skills than my colleagues.


  • Efficient multitasking skills

  • Passionate and skilled in patient care

  • I have capacity to lead and nurture development of a healthcare team that delivers first class patient care

  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills, charting, maintaining accurate patient history, and other forms of medical documentation

Iam an open-minded person, fast learner and social person with abilityto work with people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. I amalso resilient and able to work in demanding environments. Between2011 and 2012, I was working for Bayada Home Health Care, NorthBrunswick, NJ. The job required me to traverse a 40 miles territoryoffering health care services to elderly patients, pediatric, andadults diagnosed with terminal conditions, recovering from severeillnesses or surgical operations, and injuries.

Ihave also worked in a treatment and rehabilitation center where mymain tasks included minimizing pain, accelerate patient recovery,manage infections complications, discomfort, and optimizing thehealth of the patients. I am applying in your hospital since Ibelieve I have vast skills that can help to make a difference in thelives of many patients. I am eligible to work in the facility in thecapacity of nurse since I have worked in many worked in places I hadto serve clients from diverse backgrounds. In addition, I amflexible hence, I can work in various different departments such asgeriatric, maternity, emergency, and pediatric departments.

Apartfrom working in a hospital environment, I have experience as anextension service nurse. Currently, I am working with a healthservices organization that offers flexible home based treatmentservices to the elderly, post-surgical patients and patientssuffering from terminal conditions. Some of my responsibilities as anextension services nurse include patient bathing &amp hygieneassistance, G-Tube care/feeding, and respiratory treatment &ampassessments. Other services I provide include glucose checking &ampblood pressure monitoring, as well as rehabilitation therapy.