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Creativity in the Design Process

Creativityin the Design Process

Creativityin the Design Process

Inan agreement with the author, it is through the definition andframing of the design problem, that creativity is incorporated in theprocess of design. Therefore, creativity and design are the mostsignificantly related aspects of art that cannot be separated. Infurther agreement with the author, the design process shouldincorporate elements of creativity since as the component thatdefines the latter. However, the author needs to include design asthe process that describes the sequence of activities of a designerand incorporate creativity as the imaginative aspect of new ideasthat are realized in a work of art.

Indisagreement with the author, solving the problem of design does notonly involve evaluation and co-evaluation of the protocols but alsothe resultant design. Creativity involves a protocol study of thecurrent status of art and design to identify new areas ofimprovement. In addition, it also involves measuring the quality ofcurrent designs and identification of experimental purpose of eachdesign. Incorporation of the necessary information from the initialstudy is also necessary. This way, a designer illustrates theassignment for users and the expected purpose of the resultingproducts. Therefore, the assessment of any design or assignmentinvolves measuring design against the intended results.

However,in agreement with the author, the problem solving aspect involvesidentification of the unexpected results through reviews of thequality of the experimental design and measurements. This revealscreative elements of the design as well as the results, anddeviations to be corrected. Therefore, problem solving and creativitybecomes the processes of designing that are characterized by insightsof bringing new concepts to reality.