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Criminal Foresnsics and Crime Scene Analysis

CriminalForesnsics and Crime Scene Analysis

CriminalForesnsics and Crime Scene Analysis

Theterm guilty beyond reasonable doubt covers itself at a particularpoint in morality. However it does not mean that doubts do not existcompletely but rather the evidence presented to the judge do notclearly connect to the prosecutors claim to the accused. There can bevery many factors that may hinder the reasonability beyond doubt. Thefollowing can be some of those factors: judicial level factors, caselevel factors can be another factor.This paper seeks to investigatewhether Clark was guilty or not guilty of robbing the Big City banks(Siegel, 2011).He is guilty beyond areasonable doubt

1A).Explain why, referencing eachclass of evidence

MilfordClark can be said to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt.This reasoncan get explained by the various facts presented in the case. Thefirst lead that shows that the Clark can be guilty can be the factthat the man was heavy set and had two-toned hat. After the car gotabandoned, Larry England was not a heavy set man, this eliminatinghim as a suspect.After authorities had taken tests on the car toidentify the DNA profile. After staying for a year, Authorities(CODIS) did some tests and a match were found to be Milford Clark. Inan interview with the FBI, Clerk admitted that it could be him. Heclearly said he has the right to go anywhere. He also says that itcould be him but does not remember if it was him or her. Anothersmall detail that could be seen to lead somewhere can be thatreaction when he was shown the images of a person robbing the citybank.

Whenthe DNA samples from the Kroger bags doors are tested, a perfectmatch for him was gotten. The test was also made of Larry but nevergot a match. The DNA that was taken from the van also went through,depicting clearly how Clark can be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Tostart with a DNA sample from the door of the van was tested againstClarks DNA and found the perfect match. Another sample test, thistime taken from the drivers area have a DNA profile which when testedagainst Clarks’ DNA also shows a considerable scientific level ofmatch. A sample test also got made to the samples obtained from thesteering wheel.This test resulted in results showing that there weretwo DNA profiles found. One of the profiles had an 80% match withclerk the other 20% showing DNA profile of an unknown male. The Bagsthat were recovered also allowed specialists to test for skin cellsthat give thee DNA profile. Two profiles got discovered in the bagsone of them having 80% match with Clarks DNA.2B). Assumptionthat there were no evidenceat Big City Credit Union

Ifit is assumed that there were no evidence form Big City Credit Unionand that Clark was not a person in the hat, he will not have beenfound to be guilty as such. Instead, Larry would have been foundguilty. This effect could be attributed to the fact that he had beenpresent in the bank early that day and did not take part any muchactivity. The fact that Larry also has a criminal past can be anotherreason for guilt. Larrys van also was seen at the crime scene makinghim the first suspect (Dale &amp Becker, 2007).


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