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Criminal Justice Employees


CriminalJustice Employees

Criminaljustice employees are usually entitled to different rights in theworkplace. One of the rights of the criminal justice employeesentails the right to protection from hostile environment. Theemployer should always ensure that criminal justice employees have anaccess to conducive environment, which is free from hostility. Theseemployees have the right to be protected from any hostile condition,which may emerge in the workplace (Rubin &ampNational Institute of Justice,1995). For instance, they should be protected from insultingcolleagues and bosses by the employer. Another right of theseemployees is the right to privacy. The employees need to have theirprivacy rights respected. For instance, some employers usually carryout drug testing, which may go against the privacy rights ofemployees. In such a case, the employees are protected by the privacyrights. Besides, these employees have the right to be protected fromany form of discrimination.

Thereare various kinds of behaviors that can lead to charges ofharassment. One such behavior entails unwelcome physical or verbalconduct on the ground of color, race, sex, religion, age, disability,national origin, retaliation, and sexual orientation. In case anemployee becomes treated badly either physically, or verbally on thegrounds listed above, the employee may sue the party engaged in sucha conduct. On the other hand, one may be charged for workplaceharassment if one behaves in a sexually suggestive manner, or makesoffensive remarks concerning body parts, clothing or looks (Rubin &ampNational Institute of Justice,1995). Besides, a party may be charged for workplace harassment incase the party touches an employee in such a way that can make theemployee uncomfortable. In addition, use of racially derogatory wordsmay lead to a party being charged with workplace harassment (Jasper,2002).


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