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Criminal Justice System


CriminalJustice System

CriminalJustice System

TheUS criminal justice system is effective because it has well developedstructure, constitutions, and acts that guarantee the rights ofeveryone. Although the system is not free of flaws, corruptindividuals acting out of individual interest perpetrate most of theweaknesses affecting the system.


Oneof the benefits of the US criminal justice system is that it has thecapacity to prevent and lessen criminal activities, maintain socialcontrol, rehabilitate and punish people who break the laws, as wellas uphold the rights of the persons who have broken the law. The USjustice system is governed by democratic policies that seek to upholdthe rights of everyone in the society. If a person is alleged to havecommitted a crime, the American justice system holds such a personinnocent until proven by a court of law. This means that the systemprovides suspected criminals to justify in a court of law that theythe alleged law violation was necessary, or they may seek to provethat they did not commit the offence they are thought to havecommitted. On the same note, the state provides free attorneys toassist poor persons who cannot afford the services of a privatelawyer. The criminal justice system does also protect citizens fromthe citizens from getting harassed by the law enforcers. For example,the justice system has restricted police officers from “search andseizure” of private property and individuals, except on specialcases when a suspect can destroy evidence if the law enforcers failto take immediate action (Hagan, 2011).

However,the American justice has some limitations such as ethnic bias. Forexample, numerous studies have consistently showed that an AfricanAmerican alleged to have violated some regulations, take robbing aliquor store, has a higher probability being convicted than aCaucasian colleague arrested in similar circumstances. In addition,colored persons often get tougher penalties than the white citizensdo (Hagan, 2011).


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