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Crisis Negotiation Team

CrisisNegotiation Team


CrisisManagement Team

Asa result of recent happenings within the organization, we havedecided to put up a crisis management team to resolve the situation.This has been necessitated by the fact that this organization isethical in its dealing and we intend it to remain as so because it isimportant for the organization’s image.

Althoughthis move will not go down well with all the employees, themanagement believes that this is the best way forward. It isunfortunate to inform members of the staff that some will have to belaid off after the completion of the negotiations. This will benecessary for the organization to maintain its credibility with theclients because they are the most important stakeholders to thewell-being of this organization.

Inorder to have smooth negotiations and make good decisions, we willhave a team to help. The team will consist of:

  • 2 sworn officers

  • 2 civilian employees

  • A contractual health professional

  • The Managing Director of the organization

  • 2 members of staff (chosen by staff members)

Themain duty of the 2 sworn officers will be to maintain law and orderduring the negotiations. They will also be required to provideinsights into the demands and regulations of the law in differentsituation whenever required. The 2 civilian employees will representthe clients to the organization. They will give their view on theactivities of the organization and what they want done by theorganization to meet their needs. A contractual health professionalwill be needed to provide the psychological view on the behavior ofthe negotiators. This will be important to keep the negotiationscalm. The managing director will give the organization’s point ofview on the issue and the expectations the board has on the membersof staff. Finally, the 2 members of staff will give the employees’grievances and also outline the expectations that they have from thesenior management of the organization.

Qualifications:For one to make the crisis negotiation team, one must be experiencedand articulate supervisors and senior investigators (Regini, 2002).Secondly, they should be well trained in the most current proceduresfor establishing and maintaining negotiations. Additionally, thenegotiators must also understand how to form ways to be flexible innegotiations as a strategy (Regini, 2002). Knowledge of behavioralsciences is all necessary to help in understanding some behavior,often involving communication. A good grasp of psychological andsociological concepts is also necessary in order to understand thedifferent behavior during negotiations. This will also help deal withstressful situations. Negotiators should also be easy-going and havea non-confrontational approach in order to make sound judgments thatare objectives (Regini, 2002).

Theabove mentioned qualifications are important in order to ensure thatthe negotiations deliver good and reliable results. It is importantfor the organization that the outcomes of these negotiations aredependable because big managerial decisions will be made. As alreadymentioned, some members of staff will be laid off. Secondly, theorganizations will depend on the results to make decisions that willhelp to avoid such situations in the future.

Agood negotiator should be a person with excellent communicationskills. This will make negotiators easier because people willunderstand each other with ease. Moreover, it is paramount that anegotiator is honest. An honest negotiator will give his/her viewsand this is important to deliver reliable and dependable results.Additionally, I think a good negotiator should be easily available.This is essential to keep the negotiations flowing and ensure theyare not disrupted by absenteeism by some members of the team.


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