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Critical Thinking


Manypeople endorse critical thinking as the most important part of anargument and logical description of ideas. However, it is worthwhileto evaluate whether people really understand what critical thinkingreally is. This is because people may value critical thinking and notreally know what it is or comprehend what it should mean in dailyconversation. The discussion in this paper will illustrate thatcritical thinking is valuable since it makes arguments better, helpsin defending against fallacious reasoning, and is the basis fordeeper analyses of the mass media.

First,critical thinking makes arguments better by providing people with thebasis for understanding an idea comprehensively before presenting it.This leads to the presentation of a clear and an understandable ideathat becomes an argument when defended. Without critical thinking,such a presentation of an idea will just be a talk with no logicalargument. Secondly, critical thinking helps people to detectfallacious reasoning and so defend an argument against it. This leadsto a knowledge oriented and a clear manner of presenting issues andideas. Therefore, critical thinking makes an argument not onlylogical but also informative.

Finally,critical thinking provides the basis for analyzing the mass mediadeeply to enhance deeper understanding. There are a lot ofinformation, ideas and arguments passed to people in the mass mediaas the true reflection of the state of affairs. However, this is nottrue as it is presented to be. It is only through critical thinkingthat a person can rationally analyze the mass media and understandissues and arguments logically. Therefore, critical thinking isvaluable for making arguments better, allows people to avoid fallacyand enhances comprehensive knowledge through deeper analysis of themass media.