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Danzier bridge shootings Reflections

Danzierbridge shootings: Reflections

Lawenforcement officers are supposed to maintain order in the society.They are mandated to provide security to the common citizens at alltimes, regardless of the racial background. But on various occasions,the police have been found on the wrong hand of the law aftermiscarriage of justice. No event exemplifies this scenario than the2005 New Orleans police shooting at Danzier Bridge. While the policeare expected to protect the common citizens, this is not whathappened after the hurricane Katrina. That the same law enforcementofficers who are supposed to protect people can go to the extent ofshooting them aimlessly, really tells a lot about the level ofdisorderliness in the society.

NewOrleans Police Department (NOPD) actions in the aftermath ofhurricane Katrina is an event that should not even be allowed tohappen in the first place. For one, it portrayed the law enforcementofficers in a bad light. While they are expected to ensure securityin their area of operation, they are the same people who infringe thesecurity. Well, looking at what made the police officers arrive atthe scene one will easily understand their action. What baffles one,however, is the fact that, instead of confirming whether thesuspected people are guilty or not, they proceed to carry out theirindiscriminate shooting.

Onewould expect the police officers to carry out a thoroughinvestigation before deciding on what action to take. However, thatis not what happens with the NOPD. They just react on false alarmand carry out the greatest miscarriage of justice of all times. Thecorrect procedure would have been to find out if the members of theBartholomew family. Instead, they shoot them on false allegation thatthey were armed and posed some security threat to them. While, inessence, the victims of Danzier shootings did not pose any securityrisk to either the public or the police, it baffles one why NOPD hadto eliminate them on falsified basis. Apart from the indiscriminatemiscarriage of justice by the NOPD, one other thing which also raisesmore questions than answers is the attempt to cover up for theircrime. That the NOPD carried out the killings as the public watchedis not in doubt.

Onewould wonder why the police tried to cover their actions knowing verywell that there were some witnesses on the ground who saw whatexactly happened at Danzier Bridge. Even then, it is not even thewitnesses who would have made the police admit their crime. On itspart, NOPD should not have covered up for its rogue officers. Much asNOPD may have wanted to protect its image and reputation by notexposing the officers who perpetrated the injustice, it should haveconsidered the fact sooner or later, the truth will come out andexpose them badly. Two wrongs do not make right. In this case, anattempt to cover up for the rogue officers was a false move by NOPD. At least justice was carried out in the long run as the policeofficers who found guilty and charged accordingly. However, much asthe rogue officers were brought to book, the situation could not havebeen reversed. Lives were lost just because of incompetent andcunning law enforcement officers. This incident is one of the mostcontroversial in the history of police misconduct.


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