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Dealing with Plagiarism the Teacher`s Way



Dealingwith Plagiarism the Teacher’s Way

Plagiarismis one of the issues encountered in teaching. To become an efficientteacher one must learn how to deal with it efficiently and correctly.There are different approaches to dealing with plagiarism issue andthe teacher must intelligently choose one and apply it.

Thereare several things that must be considered in dealing with asuspension of plagiarism. The first, of course is to confirm it. Thiscan be done in two ways. The first is by checking the paper withplagiarism checker such as “turnitin,” just in case the schoolhas it. The second is inviting the student privately and ask himabout the essay, like if he can tell what is in the paper. I sayprivately, because the student might get humiliated and humiliating astudent is not the proper way of correcting him or her. If thestudent plagiarized, it is more likely that he or she will never beable to tell the thought of what was written on the paper. Supposedthat the student did plagiarized the second thing to understand iswhy he or she did it. Note that this next step is essentiallyimportant if the student is an international student because, insome culture, cheating is permitted, and in fact in some culturecheating is a way of learning things in a collective or group effort.In some cultures, such as the Indian and Chinese culture, cheating isperfectly normal. In fact copyright laws in the US are not honored inChina and patenting is considered a foreign concept in it. Hence, itis really necessary to know the cultural background of the student.

Sonow I can have two cases. The first case is that the student whoplagiarized had a culture that condones such acts and another casewhere the student had a culture that condemns the act – such as thewestern culture. For case 1, the solution is very simple. I will nothave to punish the student, simply because, he was doing what wasperfectly normal relative to his culture. Nevertheless, I will haveto tell him or her to not repeat such acts because he or she isstudying in an academic institution that prohibits any form ofcheating such as plagiarism. I will then ask him or her to createanother essay, this time without plagiarism. It would also be helpfulif I teach him or her some techniques in writing a genuine ororiginal essay. For case 2, it is necessary that certain punishmentsbe made in accordance to the school laws and regulation. But first Imust fully explain to him or her consequences of plagiarizing. Isincerely believe that no in this world would anything that wouldharm him or herself. In accordance with this view, the reason for thestudent in plagiarizing may be his or her lack of understanding ofwhat plagiarism could bring to him in the future. After teaching himor her about these details, I would have to ask for the schoolauthorities on what punishment should be imposed and I will let allbe according to the laws. I will also most certainly give the studentanother chance to change, because everyone makes a mistake and soeveryone needs another chance.

Inmy opinion teachers must act as teachers in every way to students.The majority of the errors which I have seen people do so far are notbecause they were willing to sacrifice their values and knowledge butbecause of their lack of it.