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Department of Homeland Security


Departmentof Homeland Security

The, mostly just called DHS, is one ofthe departments created by the central government of America inresponse to the attacks that occurred in the country on 11 September2001. It was formed on 25thNovember 2002 through the consolidation of more than 22 agencies anddepartments. The DHS took the roles of the Naturalization service andImmigration on 1 March 2013. Doing this led to formation of twoagencies called the Citizenship and Immigration Services and theImmigration and Customs Enforcement. Further, the divisions of INSthat dealt with investigation and intelligence and those that offeredcustomer services were merged together to form a division in DHScalled the Homeland Security Investigations. Moreover, a Customs andBorder Protection agency was formed under DHS through theconsolidation of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, CustomServices and Border Patrol. The department works towards theimprovement of the Security in the US.The work of the departmentincludes cyber security, response to catastrophe, antiterrorism,borders, customs, and enforcement of immigration laws. It is one ofthe largest departments in America third to only the department ofDefense and that of Veteran Affairs. The Homeland Security protectsthe country from within its borders unlike the Department of Defense,which protect the country outside its borders. The legislation thatled to the establishment of the DHS is the Homeland Security Act anact was enacted on 25 November 2002. This act was signed in to lawthe same month by President Bush.


Thedifferent agencies under the DHS have varied roles to play. TheAmerica Immigration and Customs Enforcement play the role ofinvestigating any incidents of human trafficking. After investigatingsuch cases, it also offers the victims with the required support. TheU.S Citizenship and Immigration Services provides immigration reliefto victims of human trafficking as well as protecting them. TheCustom and Border Protection main role is preventing incidences ofhuman trafficking as well as the victims along all the U.S borders.The DHS has established training center called Federal LawEnforcement center where professionals dealing with law enforcementreceive training.


TheDHS has five main responsibilities which include guarding Americansagainst terrorists, securing the country’s border, putting intopractice of immigration laws, improvement of how the country respondto disasters as well as unifying the department to ensure that itsachieves its mission. Protecting the American citizens from terrorismis the main responsibility of DHS. The department has invested lot ofresources in a bid to ensure that the United States remain preparedfor any disaster that may strike. The department also ensures thatall the countries borders as well as the air and the ports aresecure. The department apprehends and deports any unlawfulimmigrants that come to the country and this way it help inpreventing more illegal immigrants from coming into the UnitedStates. Further, the department prevents smuggling of weapons anddrugs into the United States especially through the Southern Border.In addition, the department works towards coming up with methods thatencourage disaster preparedness. The department helps the citizens tolearn the various ways that they can respond in case of a disasterincluding hurricanes, outbreak of diseases as well as terroristattacks. Another responsibility is unifying the department as wellas ensuring that it grows.


TheDHS has five missions. The first and the main mission is theprevention of terrorism and improvement of the security of everycitizen in the United States of America (Haulley,2006). It is the founding chief of the department and this is whatthe department gives the highest priority to (Homeland Security,2014). The other central mission is managing as well as safeguardingof the nation’s border. In addition to this, protection ofAmerica’s cyberspace is another core mission of the department. Theothers include ensuring that the country is flexible enough to dealwith any natural or unnatural disaster that may strike and imposingand governing laws dealing with immigration. The DHS ensures that itprovides a synchronized response to all sorts of disasters facing theUnited States. It also ensures that all the immigration laws in thecountry are followed to the latter.


TheDHS has been effective in carrying out is duties and responsibilitieswithin the United State. The department has succeeded in ensuringthat the United States in not only safe but that it is secure andflexible enough to deal with disasters including terrorism. Thedepartment has been able to involve the private and the publicsectors and many different people across in the federal government,different states in the country and even non-governmentalorganizations in the achievement of the core values of thedepartment. This way the department has been able to carry out itsresponsibilities effectively (Haulley,2006). Consolidation of different agencies and department in theformation of the DHS was helpful because it ensures that the internalsecurity of the United States of America is coordinated in a moreeffective way.


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