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Describing A Physical Place or Natural Element That Makes You Feel a Strong, Important Emotion

DescribingA Physical Place or Natural Element That Makes You Feel a Strong,Important Emotion

Responseto the poem

In‘The Four Skinny Trees’ poem Esperanza, the main character in thepoem, compares herself to the four skinny trees located outside herwindow. She thinks that the four skinny trees and herself do notbelong in the barrio and that they are stuck there by mistake. Shealso believes that both she and the trees have secret anger andstrength. The trees play a key role in reminding her of thesignificance of being herself as well as inspire her since they havedefied the nature and growth despite the presence of concrete thattries to keep them in the ground. Personification is widely used inthis poem. It helps Esperanza accord human-like qualities to thetrees as well as compare the qualities to her various attributes thatmatches with these qualities. An extended metaphor emergences whenEsperanza makes this comparison and identifies herself as beingsimilar or equivalent to the four skinny trees. The poem displayseveral human characteristics. For instance, people’s strength isportrayed by the persona use of roots of the four skinny trees thathold firmly to the ground. This is a clear indication that Esperanzais proud of her family and she tries her level best to reach hergoals.

Ilike the persona’s use of personification since it helps a readerto develop a connection between the four skinny trees and Esperanza’sfeelings. It further helps a reader clarify what the persona istrying to put across, by explaining it entirely by something humanbeings can relate to. Again, persona’s use of personification makesthe poem more interesting as well as creates a better picture for thereader to imagine and visualize.

GoldenGate Bridge

GoldenGate Bridge, in San Francisco, is one of the most beautiful bridgesin the world. It always brings back the memory of my best friend whorelocated to a different country when I was only seven years old. Myfriend and I always visited this place over the weekends andholidays. Sometimes we could spend several hours in his parents’awesome Mercedes Benz viewing its large sweeping cable and towersthat span across the mouth of San Francisco Bay. Nowadays, during myholidays, I spend time riding and sometimes walking across thisbridge, where I enjoy a totally unique view of San Francisco and SanFrancisco Bay. I am always thrilled to see the surging ocean currentsat the mouth of the bay, sailboats, the San Francisco skyline to thesouth, freighters that zoom across the bay, ferries, and the handsomeMarin Headlands to the north. Similarly, various outdoor exhibits atthis bridge always help me gather and amass immense information onengineering, history, and science of its construction. In fact, Inever miss enjoying a delicious meal at the Bridge’s café thatoffer local delicious beverages and food at any time from 9 am to 6pm

Again,whenever this bridge is mentioned it refreshes my mind on how Irecovered my lost car late last year. It was on a Sunday afternoonwhen we were having a drink with some of my friends. I had left it atthe bridge’s reserved car park before being stolen. However, Imanaged to recover my vehicle after some few hours, thanks to TheGolden Gate Bridge’s ability to collect tolls in an electronicmanner. It has the ability to record license plate numbers of cars asdriver pass through the toll plaza therefore, my car was easilytraced and the thief caught.

Questionfor Sandra

Whydid she use the term ‘skinny’ in describing the trees?