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Devil in Silver

Devilin Silver

Oneof the most significant moments in LaValle’s the “Devil inSilver” is the conversation between Pepper and the arrestingofficers who took him to the New Hyde, as well as Dr. Adnand. Louieinforms Pepper that they have arrested him because they “thought hecould be a danger to himself (LaValle 4).” When the doctor openedthe door, he told Huey that he was not expecting to see him soon.Huey replies shyly and with embarrassment that he had returned sincethe new “mad person” was arrested for a legitimate reason(Lavalle 5). This discussion is critical as it helps the readers tounderstand that Pepper’s characters were healthy while the doctor,the police officers, and the doctor could have been the ones whorequired mental care assistance. Huey convinces Dr. Adnand thatPepper’s arrest was legal, for he had assaulted two of his policeofficers. This action implied that Pepper was insane and supposed toreceive mental drugs prescription.

Theactions of these officers create a prelude that New Hyde Hospitalswas a form of prison operated by corrupt, carefree, exploitative, andselfish persons abusing their power just for pleasure. On the samenote, the police officers and Dr. Adnand risk the lives of theirtarget victims since they are prescribing mental drugs to healthypersons. These actions reflect a man-eat-man society when analyzedliterarily.

Froma critical thinking perspective, could the police officers reflect onthe behaviors of American policymakers and Doctor Adnand represent ahigh rank administrator, such as the American president? Pepper istrapped in a mental hospital, with a stubborn staff that prescribesmental drugs to him despite the fact that he is healthy. Suchruthlessness portrays the hard circumstances ordinary Americansexperience because of the irresponsibility of the leaders.

Onthe other hand, could be the devil that Pepper and his colleagues arecolluding to kill in New Hyde Hospital be a metaphor for theimpoverishment that Americans experience? To some extent, the bookcreates a potential conflict that the police officers and doctorsabuse their offices. The police took a sane person to a mentalhospital for assaulting police officers instead of remanding him.Similarly, Dr. Adnand administers drugs because Huey claimed Pepperwas mad and needed treatment. The irresponsibility and hazard theauthority figures in the book pose to regular citizens is tantamountto the risk American politicians pose to the citizens.


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