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Diet Food and Low Calories Food


DietFood and Low Calories Food

Dietfood, also referred to as dietetic food delineates drinks orfoodstuffs in which recipe has been modified in a certain way withthe intention of making it as component of the body alteration diet.These kinds of foods are generally aimed at helping individuals loseweight or modify their body type. However, body building supplementsare intended to help in gaining muscle or weight. There are variousphrases which are employed to categorize and delineate diet foodsencompassing low calorie food, zero calorie, low fat, light food,sugar free and no fat food (Tandel 236-243). Although these words aregenerally used in many regions, they are controlled by law in someplaces. The topic on diet food and low calorie food has been underhot discussion in the cotemporary time. Opponents argue that dietfoods are extremely beneficial as they offer healthier foodalternatives resulting in healthier lifestyles. On the other hand,critics argue that sugar substitutes employed to substitute sugarsare damaging themselves. The purpose of the current proposal essay isto discuss the contentious topic of diet food and low calorie food.The paper illustrates the position taken as well as an opposition tothe position.

About and the position taken on the Issue

Thecontemporary time is characterized by amplified tendency towardshealth and fitness. Inequity of energy between expended and consumedcalories as a result of sedentary lifestyles, urbanization, andextreme consumption of foods rich in sugars in conjunction withamplified consumption of fatty foods, and in particular saturatedfats has resulted in various health issues such as obesity and weightgain (Tandel236-243). It has been shown that obesity is a key aspect resultingin type II diabetes and as such most nations around the globe areturning out to be diabetic and by 2030, the same is estimated toamplify (Tandel236-243). With reference to this, there has been increasing healthawareness in the current time and this has augmented the demand forfoodstuffs which sustain good health. People are demanding a superiorrange of diet food and low calorie food with the aim of endeavoringto make healthier alternatives related to the kind of food they take.

Researchhas shown that diet food and low calorie foods are extremelybeneficial (Gradypar. 1).This has been supported by various people who have argued that dietfood results in healthier food alternatives and healthier diets. However, critics have offered their views on the topic arguing thatsugar substitutes employed to substitute sugars are damagingthemselves. This paper has supported the position of the proponentsand provides different arguments to support the position. To startwith, low calorie food and diet food have been proven by studies tolead to longer life and better heath (Gradypar. 3).It is based on the reason that diet food results in modifications inbody metabolism. The research has supported the presumption thateating less food might prolong life in individuals and slow aging bypreventing such diseases as cancer, heart disease, diabetes as wellas other diseases.

Calorierestriction is used by scientists to refer to foods low in calories.The topic is under extreme research by scholars who aim at expandingtheir understanding on the same. There exists a Calorie RestrictionSociety whose members originate from various countries around theglobe (Gradypar. 4).There however lacks evidence regarding how calorie restrictionfunctions amongst persons. It is founded on the reason that it ishard and costly to research. Besides, it is takes a long time todetermine an outcome on a person’s lifespan. Calorie restrictionresults in reduced levels of insulin as well as body temperature.These are termed as signs of long life.


Somediet foods substitute sugar with other alternatives such as lowerfood energy alternatives. Nevertheless, there exists some controversyfounded on the likelihood that sugar substitutes employed tosubstitute sugars are damaging themselves (Tandel 236-243). In spiteof the fact that the query is adequately resolved, there are somecontentious issues regarding if the benefits offered by diet foodsprevail over the probable loss. In the majority of low calorie foodand diet foods, flour, sugar as well as additional full-food-energyingredients, are used to substitute the fat. In addition to this, thedigestible sugar is stocked up as fat.


Varioussources will be used in order to obtain credible information relatingto the topic of our discussion. Both primary and secondary sourceswill be used including books, peer reviewed journals, reports, aswell as websites.


Consideringthe fact that the present time is characterized by high demand forhealthier foods, people are demanding an advanced array of diet foodand low calorie food. This is aimed at ensuring that they obtain thebenefits which come forth with such foods. Diet food and low caloriefood have obtained various controversies both from proponents andcritics who have offered their different views regarding the same.

Thecurrent paper has focused on the controversy that exist on the topicof diet food and low calorie foods. It has supported the proponents’position who have put forth that diet foods are beneficial.Proponents have offered various arguments to support their claim. Forinstance, they argue that diet food results in healthier foodalternatives as well as healthier diets. They also argue suchhealthier food alternatives results in healthier lives. On the otherhand, critics have argued that sugar substitutes employed tosubstitute sugars are damaging themselves. In order to meet therequirements of the paper various sources have been used. Theyencompass both primary and secondary sources such as books, peerreviewed journals, reports, as well as websites.


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