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1(a).Summaryof wheretheTWiSbusinessstandstodayin termsof businessand, andwhereitwantsto be in 2015.

Fewwebsite viewers, There few clicks per day meaning very few peoplevisit the site per day, this has been caused by low qualityadvertisement aired by the company making these customers searchother advertisement sources. The company intends to engage morewebsite viewers by the year 2015.

Withdrawalof sponsors, this has caused a decline in the amount of revenuegenerated by the company from a peak of $56000 to $31000.The companyalso stands in a situation where it is performing poorly. Thisexplain the reason as to why the sponsors are withdrawing fromworking with it. If the right measure are not taken, the media costrequired to keep this business in operation will be high thus causingit collapse. The company intends to woe more customers to buy sharesof the company by the year 2015.

TheCompany is in need of new sponsors. The fact that most of thesponsors are losing confidence with TWIS places it in a positionwhereby it is in need of more sponsors to sustain it in business. This can be achieved if the number of click per day by customers isincreased as the advertiser will be assured of high CPM with time.

(b)Areaswhere the company is falling short of

Thecompany has a condensed figure of viewers on their website leading tosquat monthly advertising profits, monthly revenues have been slowlysinking from a climax of $56000 in July 2012 to only $ 31850 inJanuary 2014 and 90% loss of their advertising revenues for failureto reach a target of 15000 members.

(c)ARace structure with a Digital marketing strategy for 2014 thataddresses the company’s shortcomings

ARace structure can be defined as a model intended to help expand andreinforce the best sales customs in a particular business and theright attitude in your sales partners. The framework should beintroduced in the first training and as well used as a frequentevaluation mean to aid sales partners assess where they can progresstheir personal sales approach.

Usingthe race as a marketing strategy the company hopes to

Reachmore advertisers and customer through building awareness across thedifferent sites

Actby engaging the audience who comprises of advertisers and customersin their business activities.

Convertmeans TWIS will attain the conversion of advertising goals and becomea online marketing leader.

Engagethis involves creating a relationship with the company customers withtime with an aim of attaining its goals.

Whatis ?Digital marketing is a term that refers to a range of differentpromotional ways used to get to clients through digital technology.

A strategy: is marketing strategy that entailsseveral steps on how the company will create an easy and effectivedigital marketing strategy to create awareness and get going wellonline. The Digital approach for 2014 to address the shortcomings ofthe business, it must undergo besa) Target the company’sclientsFiguring out whom their target clients are, therefore,allowing them to focus their message, differentiate their productsand figure out how people will react on the article in their website.

(b)Digital Demarcation and branding plan

Abrand is not always about an emblem as many companies believe,therefore, for TWiS to brand their magazine they have to consider thefollowing Communication between the company and the clients, engageon the spotlight and differentiated.(c) Visitor sourcing

TWiShas to understand what their clientele want not only what they saythey want, by joining objective client forum, blogs, groups andchannels and also inquire what other companies with the same targetdo to magnetize clients.

(d)Spirited study, digital advertising strategic arrangement andresponse

Importantfor TWiS to put together a competitor spreadsheet that characterizescritical customer characteristics and allow them to distinguish.Determine which marketing channels to use and attain customerfeedback after a period.

2.Current pestle factors exist that might affect the expansion of thebusiness TWiS

APestel is a contrivance used by marketers to analyze and scrutinizethe peripheral advertising ecological implements that have a force ina business.


Politicalfactors: This is all about how the government intervenes in theeconomy. Includes political constancy or unsteadiness in thegovernment, government strategy, trade margins, and labor law andlevy policy. Biased factors encompass a force on organizations andthe way they conduct their production. The business need designatecapable of responding about the existing, as well as the predictableprospect legislation, and regulate the advertising strategyconsequently.

Monetaryfactors: impacts on how the corporation does business and howbeneficial they are. Financial escalation, interest rates, tradecharge and economic rise are some of the economic factors which canfurther broken into two: more-economical (past amid the supervisionof stipulate within several specified cutbacks) and micro-economical(deals with people and the way they spend their economies)

Socialfactors: areas that involve a shared confidence and feelings ofpopulations. They have a nonstop consequence on how marketersappreciate clients and what motivates the mind they includeinhabitants increase, epoch allocation, wellbeing perception andprofession attitudes.

Technologicalfactors: hi-tech setting changes and it impacts the way companiesmarket their products.

Environmentalfactors: significant owing to the insufficiency of resources,population target, liability production and carbon footprint targetsset by the state.

Legalfactors: purchase rights and laws, tagging, equal opportunities,wellbeing and safety are legal factors. The company has lawful andunlawful sequentially to operate efficiently.


Incase the political prevalence in a certain state is poor, theninvestors and share holders hesitates buying shares of a companyleading to a loss to the company. Economic paralysis is also a factoradversely affecting a company as the currency exchange in comparisonto the dollar is weak thus demotivating share trading and lowpurchase of products. If social factors such as bad reputation arise,the business stands to lose as the flow of customers retards.Environmental factors such as earthquakes lead to demolition ofstructures such as the roads and thus reducing the company’saccessibility which lead to low income. Legal factors improvebusiness as favorable legal factors encourages business boom andundertakings while unfavorable factors leads to closure or lowincome.


Allthe factors that is political, social, economic, environmental andlegal have a crucial role to play in a business success and should betaken care of for the purpose of business success and growth.

3.Recommendations on how the business TWiS can use digital marketing tohelp retain and engage existing customers

Recommendations:an estimation given by a business analyst about his/her customersabout whether a given hoard is merit buying or not. A firm orassociation can provide work for a number of analysts whoseprofession is to issue reports and recommendations on precise stocks.They always look at the company’s nitty-gritty and, therefore,build economic models in order to scheme prospective trends. Theprojections use for producing recommendation on if they feel thehoard can sell (PRIDE &amp FERRELL, 2013 p25).

Aimand reach the customers by their behaviors

Inthe case something new happens in the company, be always informingthe loyal customers through their emails.


Customersmessages should be answered appropriately .Irreverent messaging bythe TWiS company should be avoided as it wastes time that could beused in production.

Understandthe users

MobileApps gives a lot of information concerning the customer thus the TWiScompany should use the information to informing them on what theyneed.

4.A campaign pitch describing the campaign idea and the objectives

APitch can is defined as the character’s figure for each inch in aparticular size and method of type while campaign in the other handmeans numerous related operations meant at achieving a set goal.Relating to the business problem, TWiS Company needs to plan for acampaign pitch to enhance the attraction to its customers and makethem believe in the business.

Anadvertising Campaign pitch

Step1: Asses the customer’s brief before writing the pitch. Ahigh-quality brief that states out the objectives and required resultfor the campaign, collectively with information of the businessbudget, targeted audience and time frame.

Step2:organize a formation for the pitch to make sure that the companycovers the important basics in a logical arrangement. Talk amongother members of the company to present a contribution on marketingenvironment, company’s recommendation, creative proposals and mediacampaign.

Step3: Illustrate the company’s credentials for the campaign. Center onrelevant skills in rising advertisement for the customers’ businessarea.

Step4: put out TWiS Company’s strategy for the campaign. Illustrate theinformation needed by the customer’s targeted viewers which willexplain why our move would plead with the public to take the actionof working with our company.

Step5: Give full time frame and cost estimates for creating and finishingthe campaign material. Sum up the information benefits of choosingour company and appreciate the customers for a chance to work withTWiS Company.

5.How to engage the target audience and develop a long termrelationship with the business using techniques

PublicAwareness Factors

Whendealing with this public knowledge factor, there are several subfactors that determine where an individual fits what group of public,Sub factors like Interests, Gender, Habits, Expectations, Style,Culture and Age (ROHAN, 2008). These are the sub factors that shouldbe highly valued to maintain a long term relationship with the publicin TWiS Company. The objective of this is to woe potential customersto come and trade with the company.

TheBrand Exposure and Trust

Moreexposure means more trust from the customers. This can be done bychoosing a brand that will attract the public and more others (BIRD,2007). It can be made by exposing out the company’s brand to thepublic in posters and magazines. By doing so, potential customers arewooed and the loyal customers are kept in touch.

Relevancyand Commitment

Commitmentto serve the customers improves sales and customer awareness thusleading to sale boom. This applies where the whole lot comescollectively, therefore, shows that depending on the way the companyapproaches your audience to hit a number of different publicawareness factors should painstaking.


Theobjective of advertising is to make public awareness. It may get theunsurpassed probable reaction from your viewers, it will be importantto hit at least H ALF of the exclusive public awareness targets. Tobuild a long-term relationship, base on trust and commitment.

6.)Sustainability – consider the sustainability of the project- awritten synopsis of how you envisage the campaign to be developednext year (2015).

Sustainability:management and harmonization of ecological, societal and economicstrains and concerns to guarantee liable, principled and continuingaccomplishment (RYAN &amp JONES, 2012, p47).

Theycome at a price, however, each time they require additional staff tomanage the features. TWiS needs to leverage the customers themselvesfor stickiness, engagement and interesting content. Involve the usersin the content with chat, user reviews and basic dating.

Theneed to get the numbers up to at least 15000 active members tomaintain a worthwhile relationship, therefore, an increase of roughly50% by 2015. TWiS has to reduce dropouts and increase membershipsbasis to 1500 and a monthly advertising income to $ 75000


TWiSstands at point where it is almost on its downfall.

TWiStargets the fun seekers an age of 18years to 35 years with adisposable income of 35k per month.

Thecompany should use a digital marketing to retain and engage theircustomers fully.

Thecampaign pitch should be conducted in a conducive and reliable way.

Engagecustomer target by installing new and up to date news on the website.

Sustainthe customers by harmonizing and managing the ecological, social andfinancial status of the clients.


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