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Digital Stories, Does the Evaluated Project Contribute to Multi-Literacy?

Digital Stories, Does theEvaluated Project Contribute to Multi-Literacy?

Digital Stories, Does TheEvaluated Project Contribute To Multi-Literacy?

It is amazing how the evaluatedproject contributed to multi-literacy for its use of different formsof media to communicate to the learners. Videos, voices and picturesaccommodates all learners are now making digital storytelling morelively than ever. The combination makes the project interesting forlearners, which was not the case in the past when we sat down aroundthe fireplace during story time. It was amazing how this projectpresented authentic communication and interaction through the usevideos, multi-voice, and pictures that helped me to understand betterwhat was going on in the videos and pictures. I could understand themeaning of a situation presented in the picture differently, and indifferent situations. However, the evaluated project did not seem toencourage critical thinking and analysis of an individual’slanguage and meaning. I thought that the pictures and captions had apredetermined meaning of the situation in question, and does not giveme room to come up with my own understanding of the situation as Icould see it in the picture (Alexander,2011).

The combination of the multimediathough made me focus on the learning process. It is absolutely,interesting to both watch and listen at the same time, as compared totraditional listening. Multimedia made the process interactive. Toolsthat encourage multiliteracy keep evolving as technology changes,making it better by the day. I would however, like to addpossibilities of interaction features to the project in order tofoster multi-literacy even further. The major drawback of digitalstorytelling in the classroom would be the different levels ofunderstanding from different students, and different preferences fromclassmates who would rather opt for traditional lecture methods overthis method of learning (Alexander,2011).


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